Packers will hire Pettine as defensive coordinator

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark Eckel, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Cheesedog

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    Im not sure Hayward was as much MM/DC deciding he wasnt good as much as other types not wanting to pay him..
  2. kingkoopa

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    Not just Hayward, but Hyde this past season was all pro for Buffalo as well. That's two all pro's we had on the defense that got away. Inexcusable. You could argue Capers should have lost his job for this fact alone.
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  3. Mark87

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    Here is some stuff on Buffalo's Base D under Pettine :

    Bills 4-3 Under (Mike Pettine)


    The Bills' base defense is a 4-3 Under, in which their defensive linemen play "under" technique, away from the strength of the formation, and its linebackers play over the top of the formation. It looks like a 3-4 to the naked eye, and that fact lets the Bills flip between the two alignments with relative ease if they so choose. Below, take a better look at the 4-3 Under, noting that the blue triangles are the defensive linemen, and the red triangles are the linebackers.


    The strong-side linebacker lines up on the line of scrimmage across from the tight end, the middle linebacker plays between the left end and the one-technique defensive tackle, and the weak-side linebacker plays to the outside shoulder of the three-technique tackle, inside of the wide rush end.
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  4. Backthepack4ever

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    Who not wanting him_??? Come on he was on macs dog house. Mm and co messed this up how can u blame the brass
  5. realitybytes

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    as much as i am glad that capers is gone, i don't think hayward's and hyde's exits were in his control. i think you can blame that on tt/ball.
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    GBP4EVER Member

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    Hayward and Hyde were both not used right in GB. When they got out of GB they shined. Had they been re-signed people would have been saying they are not earning their contracts because GB would have not played them the same way they are playing now and having the success they are.
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  7. TW

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    I see a lot of strengths to player in the Pettine defense, as shown. The personnel we have will fill a lot of those positions, and the rest can be handled through free agency, and long term, the draft.

    I say.... give it a chance. It beats a total revamp of the Packers defensive unit.
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  8. titletown76

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    To me one of the most critical stats is punts forced... Green Bay was 27th in forced punts. In other words, "3 and out" was not in the game plan.

    We were 22nd in yds allowed (Minnesota #1) and 26th in pts...
    Dom should have been fired years ago.

    I'm encouraged by the Pettine hiring... no more abandoning the middle of the field - and holy crap I hope we never see a 2-4 again!!!
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  9. dannobanano

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    Pettine is also known for making good in game adjustments, which is also something that had been lacking in the Capers defenses (or, at least he was slower to adjust).

    I just want to see a defense that plays fast & mean.
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  10. UWSP 88

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    Fast and Mean agree

    If I am buying tickets, I want three and out and whole lot of Rogers carving up the other team.

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