Packers will hire Pettine as defensive coordinator

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark Eckel, Jan 9, 2018.

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    I never thought about Jim Leonhard being part of those defenses. The guy is a defensive genius. What he did for Wisconsin is turn an already potent defense into a real terror. They adjust, and change to meet the needs during a game, don't sit back and say; "Oh well! Wait until next week!"

    I'm energized over the move now. If Pettine doesn't get it right over the next two or three years, bring Jim in to make it work. He'll be ready for the jump to the NFL.
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  2. Cheesedog

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    In other words we are doomed because the players couldnt handle Capers system. A d this is more complex?
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    Not necessarily if: 1) he and his staff can teach it better than Capers did and 2) the roster isn’t full of UDFAs and has a little more vet presence to it. May not be a one year fix, though.
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    read the article that i posted. it's not more complex. it's less complex for the defensive players, but complex for the opposing offense.
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    Didn't say that. A lot of moving pieces in play yet. Way too early to know how it shakes out.
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    There are just as many reads out there saying it's complex for players as the opposite. You can take any of those reads and take from it what you want. Time will tell.
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  7. Defensewins

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    I like this hire. Pettine has run good defenses everywhere he has gone. Hopefully he can take the pieces in place add the additional players we pick up and create a functioning defense.
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    I'm guardedly optimistic about the choice of Pettine. Like Leonhard, he's apparently a disciple of Ryan, and Leonhard has shown a lot of creativity - roughly similar to Capers.
    I suppose it's arguable that Pettine had good talent to work with those other places - which obviously he won't - for a while anyway - with the Packers.
    We'll just have to see. He probably will get a "honeymoon" from criticism for a while, at least in year 1.
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  9. endaround

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    I was hoping for Fangio but we could certainly do worse than Pettine.
    Some of those defenses he coached always seemed disproportionately good for how pedestrian their pass rush was. That's pretty good for us I guess. The league moves fast so I hope he's kept up with the trends.

    It bothered me with Capers seeing 11 decent individual efforts that didn't play like a sum of their parts. In the past there have been obvious personnel issues where guys are obvious liabilities (Peprah, Brad Jones, Bush, etc.). These days it seems like the defense can break down without anyone playing particularly poorly. This is somewhat confirmed when our cast offs go on to reach at new heights of success on other NFL teams.
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    I agree, endaround. I was thinking about Hayward today and wondering how on earth this coaching staff couldn't tell he was talented??? That's scary.

    Hopefully, this will be a great new beginning. It certainly has that feel to it!

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