Packers will hire Pettine as defensive coordinator

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    Mike Pettine, a Rex Ryan disciple who was also head coach of the Cleveland Browns for two years, will be the Packers new defensive coordinator according to several reports.

    ESPN first reported the hiring of the 51-year-old Pettine, who will replace Dom Capers on Mike McCarthy’s new-look staff.

    The Packers, who also interviewed in-house candidates Winston Moss, Darren Perry and Joe Whitt, were believed to be interested in Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as well.

    Sources told that Fangio, who is close to Capers, would check with his friend before talking to the Packers. It now appears Fangio will stay with the Bears and new head coach Matt Nagy.

    Pettine, who was the Browns head coach in 2014 and 2015, becomes the second former head coach hired by McCarthy in the past week. Joe Philbin, who was head coach of the Miami Dolphins, will reportedly be the team’s new offensive coordinator. Philbin replaced Edger Bennett, who like Capers was fired after the team’s 7-9 2017 season.

    A native of Doylestown, Pa., Pettine’s father, Mike Sr., is a legend in Pennsylvania high school football where his Central Bucks West teams went 326-42-4 over the span of 33 years.

    Pettine played for his father in high school and then went on to play safety at the University of Virginia.

    He went from a high school coach at his father’s rival North Penn to a coaching assistant with the Baltimore Ravens in 2002 when Ryan was the team’s defensive coordinator.

    Pettine spent seven years with the Ravens under Ryan. When Ryan became the New York Jets head coach in 2009 he brought Pettine with him as his defensive coordinator.

    In his four years as the Jets’ defensive coordinator the team ranked 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th in total defense.

    Pettine then spent a year with the Buffalo Bills in 2013 as the defensive coordinator to head coach Doug Marrone. The Bills finished 10th in total defense that season.

    Pettine was named the head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 2014 and in his two seasons recorded a 10-22 record. His 7-9 first season was the Browns’ best record since they went 10-6 in 2007. And those seven wins are more than Cleveland has had in the three years since (4-44).

    He spent last season in a consultant role with the Seattle Seahawks.

    Like Ryan, Pettine employs a 3-4 defense with press-man coverage and likes to use a variety of blitz packages. That means the Packers won’t be making drastic changes to the defense Capers used for the past nine seasons.

    Capers defense, however, ranked in the bottom third of the league in four of the past seven seasons, including a 22nd ranking this past season.

    Pettine and McCarthy could be looking for at least four assistant coaches on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac and inside linebackers coach Scott McCurley were fired, while quality control assistant Tim McGarigle left for a job at Northwestern and assistant defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery left for a spot on Jimbo Fisher’s new staff at Texas A&M.

    It remains to be seen if Moss, Perry and Whitt stay after being passed up for the coordinator’s job.

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    This isn't accurate per say. Pettine runs a multi-front system. He'll line up in a 4-3 under just as much as a base 3-4 maybe more. Also, keep in mind that teams spend more time in a sub defensive package than base anymore. Case in point Atlanta spent the whole game in nickel last week because the Rams played 11 personal all night( 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB).
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    Gutey needs to get some athletes and Pettine needs to coach up the current ones. I didn't really know much about this guy but after reading a few articles, he seems like a good hire.
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    He runs a rather complex system of defense, maybe more so than Capers as being multi-front you have front call.. a call for blitz/stunts etc and a backside protection call. Everyone will need to be on the same page.
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    It will take good teachers to make this work in GB. Complex scheme or not, a good coach is a good teacher and can get his guys to understand it. We’ll see.

    the one thing we know for sure is that this guy won’t be squirreled away in a box upstairs. There will be a much different energy to practice and games for the D.
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    Have to admit, am a little worried about another complex scheme. That hasn't worked well in the past. Hopefully there will be some greater emphasis on providing the coaches with more veteran talent because constantly putting rookies and UDFAs in the two-deep doesn't seem to mesh well with "complex".

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    So thought on Pettine. Bradley and Fangio were not going to be cheap to get. MM was told he can only spend so much on a DC. Bradley and Fangio might both be north of $2 million a year while Pettine was probably south of $1 million a year. Also Bradley and Fangio were going to demand that they hire their own assistants. Pettine being out of NFL for 2 years and wanting back in might be willing to keep everyone that is still on staff to get this job. So makes me wonder if this was a hire based more on $$ and if he was willing to fit into MM's way of running things.
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    I would imagine that means that our entire defensive coaching crew is on the way out. I can't say I feel bad about that. Complex systems can be great, if you have the right personnel, and like you said - are all on the same page. It makes me wonder if this will be an effective defense in 2018, or a developmental project that won't really be in place until 2019 or 2020? Hard to tell.

    Is it possible the Pettine move was dictated to a degree by the length of a "guaranteed" contract?

    Since I knew little more than his name, I did some checking on Pettine, and found this link from back in 2012 that describes and lays out some of his tendencies in schemes. Are they consistent with what's shown, or have they changed much? It appears he likes hybrid players in a lot of positions. Guys like Matthews could be in their sites. Here's the link.

    Mike Pettine

    That said, what's your personal evaluation of his system Mark? I see it difficult to learn, but at the same time, could be a difficult defense to solve by offenses.
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    When pettine was in clev he said he runs his d to the strengths of his players. If he stays true to this its a breath of fresh air. Instead of trying to fit square pegs into round holes maybe we can get the most out of our guys. Between gut saying we need competition so nobody feels safe and a dc that will be involved instead of sleeping in the both we are on the right track. This team has talent and with the right coaching will get back to qhere we expect
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    Personally, it's the middle of the road hire. I think regardless you have to go out and get him the personnel for the scheme. You can try and dress up a hamburger and call it a steak but it's still hamburger at the end of the day.

    I am interested to see if he retains our DB coaches or goes another direction.
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