Brewers 2023/24 Hot Stove thread

If we were planning to compete this year, which the Hoskins signing indicates, I wonder what will happen to the rotation. Peralta, Miley, Rea, Ross, Gasser/Ashby if healthy is far from what we need to compete. SP2 is an ageing guy who is unlikely to make 25+ starts, SP3 was on the AAA shuttle last year, SP4 basically hasn't pitched in a year.
Brewers were never going to compete this year Burnes trade shows it. This team will be lucky to win more then 75 games. Will be fighting with Pitt for last place Expect a garbage team for at least 2-3 years and then only competes if they young guys thy have develop
See the Brewers signed Woodruff back to roster. Two year deal knowing he is going to miss all of 2024 with a shoulder injury.
Name a former Brewer that have might burned bigger bridge then CC.

Name a former Brewer that have might burned bigger bridge then CC.

I think his comment may be misconstrued. The Cubs have a huge contingent of fans down in Arizona. More retirees in that area, than all the rest combined. These are diehard fans who go back into the 50s and 60s, and for them to see their beloved Cubs in spring training is like most people getting a chance to watch their teams in the World Series. I hate when that happens.

I have friends who are Cubs fans, and when the Cubs have a split squad, and play two games, in two different locations, with a time difference, will attend one game in the afternoon, and drive to the next location for a second game, later in the day. Surprisingly enough, the attendance is huge at both games.

They also show up in huge numbers when the Cubs play the D-Backs in Arizona during the regular season, but not quite in large of numbers, because a lot of the fans who attend the spring games are also considered Snow Birds. To support what I say, here's a list of Cactus League attendance by team. The Cubs are right up there at the top, and the Brewers are even worse than my White Sox.