1. Crease Creature

    CC's Poll of the Week Rankings

    Waaaaay late to the party this week. A big conference and some work commitments prevented me from giving this the time I normally spend on the project, so just a quick poll heading into week 5. Last week's is ---> Right Here The Top Sixteen Alabama--Doubled up a ranked A&M team at home...
  2. Crease Creature

    CC's Poll of the Week

    Couple of top 5 teams go down from last week, quite a few ranked teams had games that were postponed or cancelled due to Hurricane Florence. Still only at 16 in the rankings after week 3, but most teams move into conference play starting week 4 so maybe there'll be more to write about. Get to...
  3. Crease Creature

    CC's weekly WST CFB poll

    I have got to figure out a better title for these things. Welcome welcome one and all to another season of College Football! If you're not familiar with these things you can check out a sample of last year's polls right here:
  4. Crease Creature

    2019 WST CFB Poll

    Hey hey, it's that time again. Next week will see me post our first college football poll of the season. As always, all of you are welcome to participate, just message me your pick. Even if it's just the team you think is #1, I'm happy to have the input. This is how the season ended last...
  5. Crease Creature

    CC's Season Ending CFB Poll

    The regular season has come to an end, Notre Dame's hopes for a decent bowl are dashed, the SEC is so extremely overrated its not even funny anymore, and I bet Stanford really really regrets not changing their QB sooner. That loss to SDSU in week 2 is the only thing keeping them from having a...
  6. Crease Creature

    CC's Week 13 CFB Poll

    This is it boys and girls, the final regular season poll. It's been a tough slog from Sept 20 when I put up the first rankings after the first 3 games. Here's where we started and here's where we ended up last time I put this together: click I have a bit of a soapbox I'd like to step on, and I...
  7. Crease Creature

    CC's Week 12 CFB Poll

    There's two ways to look at this past weekend of college football. Everything either became a little more solid as far as the post season looks, or the gates of chaos have been blown down and things have become as clear as mud. Suddenly the SEC East looks like garbage, and the SEC West looks...
  8. Crease Creature CFB Top 18 and Bottom Four

    All quiet this week. As far as I could tell, the closest call came with the Pokes going into OT in Austin, and the Texas QB just made the absolute dumbest decision you can make in that situation. I think I was also justified in dropping Michigan out of the poll a couple of weeks ago. The Pac-12...
  9. Crease Creature College Football Top 17 and Bottom Three-Upset Special

    If you thought there was movement last week, we went through the seemingly annual spate of huge upsets with the top teams. In fact Clemson went down just a few hours after I got the post up. Dabo Sweeney was on record saying that he was not at all a fan of Friday night games. After what...
  10. Crease Creature College Football Top 18 and Bottom Four

    There was a bit of moving and shaking going on last weekend at the top of college football. Some teams have shown that they are who I thought they were. Starting next week we can start talking playoffs, as a whole bunch of teams will become bowl eligible this weekend. Kidding, I'm not going to...
  11. Crease Creature

    Wisconsin Sports Talk TOP 20 and Bottom Five

    Hello hello hello everyone! We are about one week away from the open of the 2016 college football season, and that means the return of my wondrous and highly acclaimed* poll: the WSTT20&BF. I would be very happy to have contributors this year. As much as I love doing the poll, it takes a...
  12. BuckySaunders

    Badgers offer pair of cornerbacks