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I have got to figure out a better title for these things.

Welcome welcome one and all to another season of College Football! If you're not familiar with these things you can check out a sample of last year's polls right here:

A quick reminder of the rules: --If a team is on a bye week they don't get moved--and that's pretty much the only rule I follow with any consistency. As usual, there's not a whole lot of analysis to be done this early in the season, and after only two weeks I don't have a whole lot of commentary. In fact, this is the best I hope for:
Insightful, and funny at times.
Though anybody who would want to participate (even if it's only giving me one or two teams) is more than welcome to do so.

  1. Clemson—I like the win on the road at College Station more than I like Alabama’s dominant wins at home. I think A&M will have a good season, but they have the Tide in two weeks. We’ll know more by then
  2. Alabama—like I said above, dominant at home and at least opened the season with Louisville. Not that the Cardinals are what they were a few years ago (heck, they weren’t even what they were last year with a Heisman candidate taking snaps for them).
  3. Auburn—I don’t like teams that schedule more than one FCS team in a season (and the way SEC schools do it late in the year is criminal) but Auburn has the best win so far in college football taking one from the Huskies in week 1. They get a chance to add to their resume with LSU coming on Saturday.
  4. Georgia—I was going to slide them in a little higher, but decided not to because I have ABSOLUTE POWER. A FCS team and SoCar are in the books as wins, but the Dawgs don’t play another decent team until mid-October when they go to Death Valley and then don’t play another good team til they host Auburn in mid-November. The SEC East is bad folks.
  5. Wisconsin—this may come a shock to you guys, but Wisconsin certainly hasn’t looked like a powerful team in the first half of both their games so far and that is enough for me to keep them out of the top spot (where a normally unbeaten Badger team would sit). A much better looking BYU team is on tap. Kudos to the AP voter who has them #1
  6. Oklahoma—credit where due, the Sooners scheduled a game with FL-Atl, a team which dwelt in this very poll at times last year and I believe made our playoff. They followed up with UCLA. While not great, it is two FBS teams. They have a shot at revenge against Iowa State (not something you get to say often)
  7. Stanford—avenge the loss to SDSU-check, hold USC to three points-check. Probably the team to beat in the Pac-12 unless Herm really has something going in the desert.
  8. Notre Dame—ranking the Irish below Stanford just to bother the Golden Domers. A nice win vs Michigan and Ball St, but you scored the same amount of points against both teams (haven’t watched, was the weather bad in week 2?). Anyway, you have a couple of games before you go head to head with the team currently right above you.
  9. LSU—I have to say one thing, props to teams like Miami and Washington for playing road games early in the season, though neither one came away with a win. And that’s all I have to say about LSU at this point.
  10. Virginia Tech—nice job continuing Florida State’s misery, why anybody would have had the Seminoles ranked I’ll never understand. Bias against ‘name-brand’ schools.
  11. Mississippi State—props for going to Manhattan, and while I don’t like having all these SEC West schools in here, they do look really good early in the season (having wins against “somebodies” in the Pac-12 and ACC sure helps, even a middling Big XII school gives the optics of trying).
  12. West Virginia—beating up on Tennessee is a good start for the season, and having a stretch now of three decent teams coming before Kansas will help you make a case, which you’ll need because you close with TCU, OK State, and OU consecutively
  13. TCU—done with analysis for now
  14. UCF--their best shot at a good early season game just got postponed so we'll see what happens.
  15. Penn St—is App St good this year? At least OT wins count as wins
  16. Boise St
We’ll cut it at 16 this week, we will probably be able to go a little deeper after some big games get played out this Saturday. Bubble teams: Oregon, Arizona St, Ok State, Utah

The pit of despair

127. Kansas—hello darkness my old friend… Losing to Nicholls St has gotta suck, but you bounced back against Cent Mich. How does the athletic dept justify keeping this program around?

128. You may have noticed that Ohio St didn’t make my list, that’s because they’re down here. This whole Urban Meyer situation stinks and I think he got off relatively easy. How does a man sit back while someone else beats his wife…

129. Baylor--losing to a FCS team doesn't help, neither does the fact that there are still coaches (and one last class of players) on the team who may have helped facilitate their assault ring. They should be in season 2 of a shutdown

130. Michigan State—like Baylor, this is probably an entire Athletic Department that should be shut down this year. If you haven’t been following the Nasser story, it keeps getting worse and officials keep responding like clueless idiots. Like the Ohio St situation, the lack of response from the NCAA shows just how toothless that organization.


  1. Alabama —Best offense balance Nick has had for years
  2. Georgia — They are that good
  3. Clemson -- Are they good yeah but something seems off
  4. Ohio State—Really undervalued that team Haskins is all of that
  5. Oklahoma —Losing Anderson really hurt them but Riley is the best offensive mind in the collage game
  6. Wisconsin -- Hard to judge them based on the schedule they get the homer points
  7. Stanford— Shaw is maybe the best overall HC in the land, Love is a stud
  8. Auburn -- Stidham is the key, as he goes they go
  9. Va Tech -- That defense will carry them, Foster might be the best DC not named Aranda in the country
  10. Washington -- Like Auburn Browning is a key but Gaskin is underrated.
  11. West Va, -- Grier will carry them, so far impressive
  12. LSU -- So much talent, such a waste of a HC. Burrow is the best QB they have had in a while
  13. TCU -- Patterson can coach
On The Bubble -
Michigan -- That defense is very good and if Patterson can play above average football look out
Thats the "Lucky 13"