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Definition of swagger
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intransitive verb
1: to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous mannerespecially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence
You can have swagger on the court, the football field or the baseball diamond and not say a word. It’s how you carry yourself. Marino Rivera has swag on the mound but never arrogant

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Did you see the 2017 season? If AR would not have played this year, we would not have won 2 games. The D and ST's need to get better. That way if AR is out we can still win games without him or with a serviceable back-up. That has not been the case for the last 13 years. We have been very lucky AR has been fairly healthy overall.

I think TW is saying that all good QB's are divas and have egos to a certain extent. So everyone who is crabbing needs to think about what it will be like without him. Unless we get lucky again and draft another top 10 QB ever, we will be missing AR when he was here.
That was 2017. It's 2019 with a new coach and system. Haven't seen one snap in this system so how do you know that ML system won't win without him ?? Oh yeah his starting QB was playing with a mush arm in TN and he still almost got them in the playoffs by running the ball and the short passing game ! Hmm maybe things aren't the same anymore.


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goodness gracious your a super intelligent guy rb but you let stuff like this eat at you way too much. It's off season with little or no news and Florio needed bait. It's the same bloody debate we've had for 5 plus years and 5-6 of you are acting like we are packer bashers ! Everyone here wants this team to win.... it's the passion to do that that drives these debates. As Mr Rodgers would say RELAX.


Much of this criticism Aaron has brought upon himself. And...true to form, he is the one that can make it go away. Time will tell. I have a feeling he is going to be just fine. So will the team.


I try to look at what's happening clinically. I have to forget I'm a Packer fan because there's times I'd like to kick Rodgers in the arse, but there are more times I want to kick Murphy in the arse because he's failed for three years to correct the direction this team was heading. He watched as Thompson lost it. I believe he's a victim of too many concussions from his playing days, and I don't like seeing him being talked about like he was a piece of crap. He had some good years as GM, and it's the front office who failed to address the problems when they saw him slipping.

As for McCarthy, he should have been gone 3 years earlier as well. That's when he started picking out scapegoats to take the fall for everything that went wrong on the field. When that happens, the coach soon loses the respect of his players, because they know he doesn't have their backs.

Rodgers problem is that he too lost respect for McCarthy. Since they signed him to a big dollar contract, we better hope he finds a happy relationship with our new coaching staff, because if he hasn't, we're in big trouble. And yes. At this point in time, without him, we'd be a doormat.

What I'm anxious to see is how the draft plays out this spring. It's going to tell us a lot about what our new coaching staff believes is needed. Our biggest obstacle in getting where we need to go may be this 3-headed version of leadership answering to Murphy. It bothers me. It's just not decisions by committee in football.