1. Mark87

    McGinn Talks OL
  2. Mark87

    Mark's Mock Draft...The Final Product

    One last stab at it, The board is in flux after last weeks trade so I readjusted something's. Please check the notes.. A lot can change this draft. Round 1. Kenny Clark*, NT, UCLA 6-2. 314. Clark will be the top rated player on GB board and TT fills his DL hole right off the bat. He had a...
  3. Defensewins

    2016 Sleeper Prospects

    Didn't see a thread for Sleeper/under the radar picks : Traditionally these are players from lower profile FBS, FCS and DII football programs, but there may even be guys who were the third best WR, LB, DB on a traditional power, such as a Trey DePriest from Alabama. Who do you like, or who...
  4. Mark87

    Mark's Post Combine Mock Draft 4.0

    Post combine and a few things did shake out of the tree. Going no trade down in round 1... add in an extra compensatory pick later. Round 1 : Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana Height: 6-5. Weight: 301. : GB is looking hard at OT... Spriggs moved into round 1 at the combine( great SR bowl work as...
  5. Mark87

    2016 Projected Packers Draft Picks Contest

    It's time again ! Last years Champion was DenverPackFan Give me round by round picks included your projected trades etc.... the player/position etc. 3 Points player 2 points round The poster with the most points will be the 2016 Draft guru !!!
  6. Mark87

    Mark's Mock 3.0 Pre Combine

    Round 1 continues to see value issues. GB plays the trade game in this draft early and gets an extra 5th as a comp pick. GB Trades out of round 1 to the top of Round 2 for an extra pick in round 4 and a future 6th. Round 2A . Kentrell Brothers, ILB/OLB, Missouri 6'1 249 GB knows it...
  7. Mark87

    Mark's Mock 2.0 Post Sr Bowl

    We know a little more now on how this draft might shake out. In this version we add in trades etc. GB trades down into the upper half of round 2 and adds a mid round 3rd to pick up more impact players. Round 2 A: Austin Johnson, DT, PSU 6'4 324: Johnson immediately gives us a 3-down...
  8. Mark87

    2016 Draft Simulator Time again ! My first try as follows : Your score is: 7927 (GRADE: A) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 27: Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan State (B+) Round 2 Pick 27: Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA (A+) Round 4 Pick 1 (TENN): Dominique Alexander, ILB, Oklahoma (B)...