Rodgers and the rookie WRs

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Budman, May 23, 2018.

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    I think this is just AR showing his age. I don't think there is any sort of concerted effort to rid him of his friends on the team or to isolate him any more than I think Wolf/Sherman were trying to deliberately isolate Favre. This is simply father time at work. Hell, at the end Favre wasn't even sharing the same locker room in part, I think, because all his friends were gone. He was the only adult in a room full of kids.

    The veteran QB is almost always the oldest or one of the oldest guys on the team. The other guys are gone because their legs go or the injuries catch up to them. (Heck, more than one writer commented on how it looked like Jordy just couldn't run anymore. Not saying they were right, but that opinion was out there.) Star QBs survive a little longer and pretty soon half the team is calling them "sir" because they are almost a different generation from the rest of the guys they are playing with.

    I think AR has gotten a little cranky because he realizes this is where he is at in his career. Brett did some of the same things in the last few years with the Pack. They realize that no matter what they say or do, two things will happen - guys they are familiar with will leave or get cut and management will do what it thinks is right no matter what the veteran QB says or thinks.
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    Oh I like and respect Rodgers a great deal. But even given that, he seemed a bit grumpy to me and I got the EXACT same impression that rpiotr got... that his comments were a bit passive-aggressive. I'm sure I'm reading it wrong.

    I did see this recent picture of him though:
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    Remember, even as a future first ballot HOFer Arod has a pretty fragile ego... Making the WRs do this or that just lets him stroke himself.
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    I think there is truth in a number of your posts. I think a big thing is ego. Just like with Favre, I think AR is made to feel by the media and fans like he is the best to ever play the game and can do no wrong. I have a lot of respect for his play but when it comes down to it football is just a game. IMO
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    That can lead to problems. It's why he has a new QB coach because the diva tends to free range rather then follow what was called. Don't get me wrong Rodgers has done a lot for GB but he also can be his own worst enemy sometimes.
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