Post Game Thread: Minnesota Defeats Green Bay 17-14

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Mark87

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    Not much more to say tonight. Wrap up in the AM.
  2. HeartyHops

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    That was one of the most depressing games I can remember watching, from start to finish.

    Oh, and the 4th down debacle? Thanks for that, MM. :mad:
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  3. Budman

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    Just a weird feel or flow to this team right now. 1-1, still not out of it with a lot of games to be played. Let's hope some lessons were learned and improvement starts tomorrow.
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  4. Wolfman

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    Winner) Well put, Hearty! Could not agree more with your entire post.
  5. Packfan35

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    This is the least enthused I've been about a Packers team since 1986, with perhaps a brief Ray Rhodes pause.
    Yay. 10-6 wild card with the leagues easiest schedule. Congrats.
    Blame top to bottom, save Daniels and maybe Ryan and Tretter. Coach and GM, if it continues.
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  6. Mueller

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    Thoughts on the Game:

    Scheme continues to be an issue, the only time we excelled on O was the second half in the hurry up when we used the middle of the field or ran quick slants. 5 step drops and long developing plays can't scheme anyone open.

    Rodgers was terrible. Has an awful time throwing to his left and I count the amount of times there's a RB/TE on a bubble screen or check down where he's thrown the ball at their feet. 2 forced fumbles on him along with an terrible iNT throw on 3rd down, just don't get it.

    Adams-Why are you carrying 7 WR's if you're only going to play 3? Why was trevor davis in the game before a guy like Abby?

    Pretty clear lacey has lost a step, hitting the gap he's slow and starks isn't much of an improvement.
    O=line allowed a few hurries but in general is the least of our concerns.

    Front 7 win MVP-Great pressure on Bradford all game and shut down AP. Perry is really coming into his own, hope he can stay healthy.

    Randall-Just an awful night, it was a big night for him to step up and show we have options if Shields is out for an extended period. He completely whiffed on multiple routes and was the Achilles heal tonight.

    The new punter is terrible along with the PR, both aren't easy fixes.

    If this keeps up I'm buying extra beer for game day.
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  7. Packinatl

    Packinatl Member

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    One game is not a trend and in reality neither is. 2 but there are signs for concern
    #1. No running gas ames. Lacy has lost a a step or 2 and has little burst hitting a seam. His feet are not as quick.

    # 2. Nelson is not the same guy from 2014. Let’s face reality. He’s 31. 9th season and you begin to lose a step. Remember Greg Jennings? He got no separation on Waynes on a post route and Alexander was a little over him also. Is age catching up or rust from injury? Not as dynamic.

    #3. Matthews much the same as Nelson. 30 years old. Lot of wear. Not as quick and explosive as in the past.
    I took last week as an aberration. Warm muggy on grass. Team looked slow. This week indoors on turf looked the same. The core of this team. Rodgers, Nelson, Matthews is getting old before our eyes. Lacy is not as dynamic and without shields there is no shut down corner. Peppers Is a spot player. . Lump all of that together and you have what you saw last night.
    I think some fans just expect t he 2012 2013 version of this team to reappear in a time warp. It’s older, slower, not as dynamic. I take the easy schedule thing and laugh. No such thing as an easy schedule in the NFL. Ask Seattle, I still think it’s an 11-5 type team. Not going to blow many people out.
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  8. endaround

    endaround Member

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    Same problem as last year, receivers can't get open often enough.
    Whether it's mostly just a scheme issue or a combination of scheme and the receivers unable to beat defenders, it's hard to know the exact degree of blame because we only see what the networks show as the pass is thrown to X receiver.

    Since last year, we constantly see Rodgers in the pocket looking and looking for someone who is open to throw to. Even on so many of the bigger pass plays for a year plus now, they either come on broken plays where Aaron breaks outside of the pocket or on contested passes where one of our receivers just makes a tough catch with a defender right there.

    One question I had was why was Richard Rodgers out there so often instead of Cook in those 3 WR/1 TE passing sets?

    Aaron does look off compared to the past, but some of it has to be via frustration of constantly seeing his receivers covered and the coaching staff has been badly unable to help with this problem.
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  9. HeartyHops

    HeartyHops Lifetime Member

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    Yeah, one could see AR looking, looking, looking for an open receiver and then either run or get sacked. *But* early on, it seemed that he was only looking at the sidelines. Then, he was only looking towards the middle, and could have easily been picked at least two more times than he was.

    Were either of them given a chance to do anything? Serious question. I thought maybe they were going to use Davis in the returns or something. NO. So why was he there? Why was Abby? Did they do something on ST that I missed? (probably)

    So Burnett has a hammy now? Mentioned once. More like "*muffled* seems to have pulled his hamstring".

    Rodgers was so careless with the ball. In shout someone said, "Why is he carrying the ball like it's a dirty diaper?"

    Well see? I thought CM3 was doing well, so obviously you saw something I did not.

    The whole AD thing. I watched that play several times and didn't really see how his ankle was so traumatized. Wouldn't be surprised if that was not at all as bad as he played it.
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  10. kingkoopa

    kingkoopa Member

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    The Packers right now are reminding me of a sports team that was once great, but is now at the end of it's run. The players look lifeless, the talent simply isn't what it used to be, and the coaching staff appears to be stale. They look like the 4-12 team that TT inherited when he first got here.

    It's obvious that we don't have enough talent on both sides of the ball anymore IMO. If you compare the receivers we had during our SB run to now, it's an insane drop off. As has been mentioned Lacy looked slow. He's either fat/doesn't care or he's done. Randall was absolutely abysmal. Daniels was really the only bright spot. I'd argue he's our best player on both sides right now.

    The most troubling thing though is that the same issues are cropping up year after year. We have the same weak spots(punter, can't cover the middle of the field, clock management etc). As I mentioned in shout, this offense has been struggling for the last year. Either the scheme has been figured out or it's the players. However, if it's the players, why is that other teams seem to be able to move the ball with lesser talent? As 57 mentioned in shout, NE is without Brady and Gronk and they haven't had nearly as many issues as we have had moving the chains. This coaching staff appears to be really stubborn with their scheme and it seems like they don't adjust for their personnel like other teams do.

    I know it's premature, but I honestly think this team needs to be completely blown up from GM to HC. It probably won't happen though because we have an easy schedule. I still anticipate us making the playoffs as a WC or even still winning the division, and that appears to be GOOD ENOUGH for this regime.
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