Post Game GB Outlast Vikings 43-34


Didn't get to really watch the game closely - some reception issues and lots of interruptions. Overall impressions:

- Felt like a game from 2011. Fun to watch on offense but nerve-wracking to watch on defense. Too early to make much out of one game, but I sure hope this defense doesn't force us to deal with a shoot-out every week.

- MVS is a little frustrating. Again, it's one game and who knows how the season will play out. That drop on the short crosser was just something that can't happen more than a few times a year. In a different game, those kinds of conversions are critical. The long one . . . doesn't bother me as much, those happen to lots of solid receivers.

- Hoping to see more of AJ Dillon in the coming weeks. He's not as dynamic as Jones, but he's decisive, quicker than you'd think and doesn't waste time dancing around. A guy who can run with speed and power will be welcome in the later parts of games and in short yardage situations.

- Wasn't keeping count but it seemed like the TE's were a bigger part of the gameplan than last year. Depending on how they lined up, there were a lot of 12 and 13 personnel groups on the field it seemed.

- Losing Lane Taylor is tough but they managed without him last year. Wagner is serviceable at RT and Jenkins and Turner can man the two guard slots. Luckily, Patrick's injury is minor and he could be back as soon as the next game. Still an addition like Veldheer would make me feel better. Hopefully Runyan can continue to get it done if called on.

Hey it's the first game and we beat the Vikings doing it! No reason to not be happy, but we won't know what we've really got for another 4-6 weeks, if then.



"Forget the garbage-time production, which was prodigious and undoubtedly appreciated by fantasy owners. In the real world, this was an embarrassing effort against a division rival that outclassed the Vikings in all phases. " - dan hanzus

Keg Man

We won on Sunday.

I don't care that we went into prevent. The Vikings went through it like a hot knife through butter 3 frickin' times. Then they also converted 3 2 point conversions.

The prevent was horrible. It's at least supposed to slow teams down and take time off the clock.

2 point conversions weren't against prevent defense. Well, ok, it is the Pack, so if they were, it's an even bigger problem. But, no they weren't and the Vikings did it 3 times - not on flukes - on beating us.

Don't undervalue the defensive failures. They took a game that should have been in hand with the offense grabbing a beer a beer and a jucy lucy and turned it into a 2 score game where the offense had to bail them out and had people reaching for their nitroglycerin.

This is not going to be an easy year.