Packers' GM Brian Gutekunst Has Been Remarkabky Average


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I take Alexander and that extra first round pick everytime over James. He did good with that pick. Jimmy Graham was no bust fa pickup either.


i would have been fine with either lve or derwin. just as i would have preferred that in 2017 tt stuck with our pick and drafted tj watt instead of trading down.

my 20/20 hindsight 2017 redraft:

1. tj watt, lb
2. juju smith-schuster, wr
3. eddie jackson, saf
4. george kittle, te
5a. davon godchaux, dt
5b. aaron jones, rb
6. adrian colbert, saf
7. treyvon hester, dt

the first four were guys that i actually wanted to pick during the draft. the last four are pure cherry-picking with 20/20 hindsight.


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Graham has had no impact on this team, even he admits it....have you seem James play? Clearly a playmaker and fit a need
I caught 2 games, and they posted graphics of how they've lined him up,and it's amazing. He made plays all over and not ones 10 yards down the field. I'm talking about snuffing plays out all together, all over the field. And he's a rookie.


Quote: Instead, Gutekunst has been extremely average, which is one reason the Packers are 6-8-1 and guaranteed a second straight losing season for the first time in 27 years.

I agree on the average first year, but to say that he is the reason we are 6-8-1 is wrong. This is TT's fault for not getting talent and MM's fault for not getting coaches to develop talent. Has nothing to do with Gute. Let's wait until after next years draft and FA before we judge him.

King, we are talking about Score here. He always has rose colored glasses. :) Graham could have had 5 catches for 100 yards and a TD and he would say he wasn't a bust.


Graham has had no impact on this team, even he admits it....have you seem James play? Clearly a playmaker and fit a need
To answer your question no.. nobody who had seen him play ranks him below Alexander the grabber..

Keg Man

Was Gutekunst average? Maybe and maybe not even average. We'll have a lot more information on which to base a decision at this time next year.

Here's my current thoughts.


Mack? I said earlier that I believe Gute's year and career will come down to the Mack signing. I think we went cheap. I think Mack would have corrected a lot of issues or at least not made us desperate at them. But the real questions regarding Mack will be whether Gute wins with the 3 draft picks he saved. I'm not saying they have to be Mack caliber, but they have to become starters and more than just guys, or we will be forever sighing about what might have been.

Graham? He was old and hadn't produced in Seattle. There's a reason the Saints let him go. He was supposed to be a splash and fill a Tight End need. He wasn't a splash. I was hoping he'd just be that guy that could get a smidge open and catch the ball in the end zone with guys draped all over him. He hasn't been that. Unlike a lot of people, I thought he came on at the end at least a bit. Who knows? Maybe it was McCarthy's game plan that hamstrung him. But even at the end, he didn't come down with the ball in the end zone.

Randall for Kizer? I still don't understand. Didn't anybody know that Randall was a safety? Kizer may be marginally better than Hundley, Did Gute say, hey, why don't you guys try Randall at safety before jetisoning him for an at best back up quarterback?

HaHa? Wasn't playing great. I'm not too against the move. But with minimal safeties around, why? I think a knee jerk.

Monty? As bad as the screw up was, why? The coach who apparently can't get guys to do his bidding is still here, and special teams are still mucking up. Monty wasn't the greatest, but he was versatile. I think another knee jerk.

The big D-Line guy who got hurt in week 3-4 and IR'd ? Bad luck. You can never have too many guys that can play interior line on either side.

The other free agents he signed.

Nobody made an impact or helped us win games.


This Weekend? The Saints aren't playing Brees. The Rams aren't playing their running back. Other impact players are sitting in games that don't matter. Yet, we are apparently playing our guys, Rodgers, Bakhtari, Adams, Bulaga, and others that are nicked up in a meaningless game. Admittedly, we are not going to be playing in a week or two. But can we really risk it? Isn't it time to rest our guys so they aren't injured?

I don't know, but I can't believe a General Manager doesn't have a pretty big say in a situation like this.

I'M NOT SAYING LOSE, win with the back ups and set up the Pack to be Back in 2019.


What does Gute do with Matthews, Cobb, Graham, Bulaga? Others?

Does Gute draft impact players with the picks he refused to give up for Mack?

Next year at this time, we'll have a better idea. He could be laying a foundation upon which to build. I hope that's what's happening. If he's too timid to pull the trigger if another "Big Guy" becomes available, we'll know. And really, guys like Mack don't get let go often.

And the new Coach. It appears that Murphy is going to take the burdened oar, but what General Manager with a pair, would accept this. He'll get judged regardless. Unless he throws Murphy under the bus, and if he throws Murphy under the bus, other owners he may offer his services to may not be interested.

Building for the future is fine. Building for the now, gets you Superbowls.

Tough times coming up for Gute. When the going gets tough

the tough get going.

Can't wait to see what he does.