Matt LaFleur did not have final say on hiring assistants


“I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.”
There is a problem here with terms, and I will have to go back to the article and maybe the 2 part Ball article from a year or two ago to see if it reveals any details. But business operations are different and distinct from football operations.

Ball came up on the football only side. He did run some football operations for Ted, and these did increase as time passed, but we are talking booking hotel rooms, meetings, scheduling, transportation and facilities. I don't think he is running the real estate side of the operation.

Gute doesn't have a background in any of this. Nor on the business side. He's a scout/ personal guy

But I do think Ball had gotten the stamp of approval from Murphy and Ted and he had some projects on the business operations side. I think this was covered in that two parter.

Murphy has never run or really overseen the pro football side of the operation. He's a college AD with an MBA


My tc(

1.) If this blows up and turns into a complete podo( show, to me, that’s entirely on Murphy. It sounds like MLF was pretty much his hire. Murphy also bears responsibility for allowing Ted to stay 2 years too long. Murphy is the guy who created this “triangle”. And history is not on his side that these structures turn out well.

2.) MLF better grow a pair and quick. He seems like a nice young man, who is agreeable. Likely too agreeable. If Rizzi is who he wanted, he should have raised Hell if GB low balled him. It also sounds like he didn’t have much of a choice in keeping Pettine either (yes I agree with retaining Pettine but ultimately that has to be MLFs call). If Rodgers even sniffs at MLF being a push over or weak, this won’t end well. Rodgers will quickly assert himself as alpha male and do what he wants. I’m just crossing fingers MLF is ready for this gig.
I agree with #1, but I would add that Murphy also allowed MM to stay 2-3 years too long.
As for #2, I think this whole "Rodgers will do what he wants" is way overblown. He did what MM allowed him to to within the old offense - I just don't think he's going to go rogue like some here are fearing.