Free Agent's That Will Help The Packers in 2019


Packers have spent way more time and effort on def over last 3-4 years with little to show for it ...

Packers HAVE to address OL first and foremost. Without that it won't matter who you bring in.

At this point in a major rebuild no need to spend much on FA . It's not like a few FA adds and GB is off to a deep playoff run. Bring in new HC let him dictate draft and then look to FA to fill some holes if people are available that fit his scheme.

This is why the Packers have to act quick to hire a new HC. So he can get scheme in place and GB can redo draft board and look to FA later.
I think the Packers can have some clout in early FA, especially with shoring up the OL.

Regardless of what any new offensive scheme may look like, along the OL ......... talent is talent.

Plus, OL is one of the better return-on-investment expenditures in FA. More predictable results.

I'd like to see Gute be an early/aggressive player in FA for OL and Safety. Let the rest happen through the draft, and fill in any other weak spots with late FA.