What the hell is going on out there ? Roster cut edition

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Since that's the question the last 12 hours or so I'll give you my theory. I still contend (have for the last seasons) that something is off with this FB team.

    This mornings hint from Florio the hack is that Sitton might have been unhappy about not getting his contract redone...I think it's deeper.

    Myself and Packinatl have been saying for a long time that the locker room seems off and even divided at times. What if the staff determined that Sitton was one of the outspoken (he is that) veteran leaders of that fraction ? You use the guise of a contract to cut that guy out.

    MM whether you like him or not is a sneaky two faced SOB with player moves and injuries. Tells you in a presser Monday Masthey is our punter and brags on and on and by Wednesday he's toast... you can't trust him tell you crap. Imagine that guy as your boss ! Imagine the employees feelings toward that boss.

    I am speculating on all this of course and GB saved a chunk of cap space they can use to resign some vets but unless TT has a hell of a trade up his sleeve then it's a crazy staff move.

    I stand by my long term gut feeling...something about the vibe of this team from the top down isn't right. Something behind closed doors is stirring. It's going to be an interesting season.
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  2. Cheesedog

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    Agreed on the interesting season.. And like I've said the SB window has closed. You don't cut your Pro Bowl OL before his contract is up because you are making a SB run this year. You do that because you are in rebuild and looking years down the road. Because nobody comes close to his level of play. You can switch around the OL guys but the talent to replace him just isn't there.

    As for the locker room. If Mark is right it means one of a few things. MM doesn't have control over his locker room, there are enough guys who don't believe in what MM is doing which causes issues, or MM is causing a rift by his talking out both sides of his mouth. The TT/MM era is on the down swing. Not enough depth or talent to go all the way through a 16 game season and then through the playoffs. GBP was onto to something when he said in chat the other day there was something like 14 UDFA on the 53. But this roster just doesn't look very powerful. Especially the OL and DL... And I don't care what Capers has up his sleeve you win in the trenches. Not by having alot of DB's in the game.

    That being said. It's gonna be a long, interesting season.
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  3. ChampionshipBelt

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    I agree with both of you.

    The only plan I can think of is that once Linsley gets healthy they move Tretter to LG and you have Bak, Tretter, Linsley, Lang, and Bulaga. Not a horrible OL. Problem is there is no depth. Tretter was that depth and he is now starting and Sitton is now gone. They only have Barclay (below average) and Taylor (has had a horrible preseason).

    The Packers have just weakened their football team. No good coach in their right mind cuts a Pro Bowl OT in the last year of his contract; especially, when we have a possibility of doing damage in the playoffs and have a top two QB in the NFL. I believe someone said that they were planning on cutting Sitton long before training camp or the preseason. I believe that to be true. Saving money is one thing but something smells in Packer land, gentleman. There are other things going on here then we all know about. I have a gut feeling this season will not be as good as the media says it will be. (9-7 or 8-8 and miss the playoffs) This just may be the start of disassembling of this football team. This season could be a very tough one, IMO.
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    CD as a Pats guy you should know that NE traded their AllPro LG and went on to win the super bowl without him, so you never quite know when the window is open or closed.

    Much more concerning to me is the way this appears to have gone down, and now the pattern of MM being two faced about this stuff. He speaks when he shouldn't, then gets cloistered away when he needs to address situations (like now!). Not a good look for the franchise.

    On the field, well, I don't see how this improves the team now or down the road. The roster is heavy on perimeter players and the muddled masses at the bottom of the roster who couldn't separate themselves, and weak in the trenches. How will that work out against Carolina, Seattle etc? Not well I imagine but we shall see.
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  5. diesel

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    Its a sound theory Mark. Definetely food for thought
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  6. Cheesedog

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    Mm has a fragile ego. So if Sitton was being outspoken I could see mm getting rid of him.
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  7. Wolfman

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    Looks like Sitton's first visit will be with the Bears, per NFL Reddit. Think he'll be fired up to face the Packers? Good grief. This just gets better and better. bh(
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  8. GBkrzygrl

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    I've got the same feeling. Not so much about the locker room but I don't have a great feeling about this season.
    Cutting of Sitton. Now no depth at OL as well as DL. Gotta wonder what is going thru Aaron's mind right now.
    For being a so called player's coach......I'm not seeing it. Especially after talking Masthay up and then cutting him and now Sitton.
    Not good.
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  9. Packinatl

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    I do agree with the locker room issues as Mark stated I've felt that way for sometime. But I'm not putting this all on McCarthy. It's Thompsons job to draft the talent, look at the free agent market and put together the club. Part of that evaluation SHOULD include how a players personality that fits the culture of the team and locker room. I did not like how McCarthy handled the masthay situation. But there could be a reason it came down that way.

    Has the relationship between McCarthy and Thompson deteriorated? How is their communication? Did Thompson undercut McCarthy and bring in a punter without the head coaches input? How much input does Wolf have? If any

    And let's not forget Murphy. I get the sense at times all 3 are not on the same page. Murphy was very public about a "transition plan". Always thought the timing of that announcement was odd. Very vague details.

    So who is running the show? Thompson McCarthy or Murphy? That to me might be part of the problem.
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  10. Mueller

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    Wilde's segment this morning was very interesting. Said he really thinks something fishy is going on for a loose cannon like Sitton to not say anything bad on his way out the door. Also said that it must be something pretty big for them to not want to get the comp pick for him next year.
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