Preseason Week 3 : Green Bay vs Denver Thread

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Aug 22, 2017.

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    i seem to remember jordy catching a lot of passes on crossing routes. or was that before he got injured? I thought we would see a lot more in the middle with bennett and kendricks on the team, but maybe they're saving that for the real games.
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    I agree that we need to take a deep breath. Didn't see it live, but have watched it twice since.
    Give me a break on declaring who will 'never' play this or that. Spriggs and Murphy aren't Clifton and Tausher, but they still have time to develop. I watched them very closely and it would be hard to say either of them out did the other. Yes, Spriggs gave up a sack to maybe the best pass rusher in the NFL. Shame! Murphy totally whiffed on a 4th and one. Other than that they were battling it out pretty good. If you want to nit pick- how about Bak's back to back penalties. (should have been a safety if you want to be honest). Watch our back up guards if you want something to worry about. I hate to say this, I really do, but Barclay just made the team after that game. Murphy and Spriggs will be fine, I really believe it. They are NOT the starters.
    When I watch these games on dvr I get to stop it where I want Listen to non-Packer announcers and hear their take on our team. Like how Hundley can't avoid a sack. I like Hundley and think he is pretty good, but he doesn't move in the pocket very well and lends himself to sacks. Watched our backup guards really stink it up, man they played bad.
    Watched Daniels and Clark destroy the middle of Denver's OL. Wondered if Capers blitzes make guys run right into the blockers?!?!? Are we so 'lane' conscious that we can't make plays?
    Since someone took a shot at TT already, I'll gripe about our 4th and one calls. We have backup OL in and we spread out the defense and send out QB on sneaks? I really want to see a little more power, like Rip AND Kerridge plow the way for Williams. Sorry, but that stuff drives me nuts.
    Here's hoping Bulaga comes back healthy. CMIII and Perry stay healthy. Capers gets to make most of his calls with a healthy lead.
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    I agree. I always watch the game on replay before I comment. But I disagree on Spriggs. I saw someone so inept at LT that I was amazed. He isn't a rookie, and he's totally out of sync with playing the position. Wait for what? Wait for our LT to go down, plug Spriggs in, and watch Rodgers get carried off the field because someone nailed him after Spriggs blew a block? It don't work that way in the NFL. I'll agree, work on him for both guard positions, and right tackle, but at this point, keep him away from left tackle before his confidence is totally destroyed and he becomes another Reynolds, who is incapable of doing anything on the field.

    I agree on Hundley too. I don't think he's that great, but if other teams do, and want to pay for him, that's fair to me. He doesn't have a future in GB. Maybe elsewhere? I don't know, but he's not good in the pocket. That's where Hill shines, and I'd like to see more of him, before he gets cut - which seems inevitable - when they don't play him.

    What puzzles me most is how the Packers throw their fullback into a block two holes away from where the run goes, and wonder why there isn't any line movement for a one yard plunge. Totally escapes me. I also wonder why Hundley didn't just push forward instead of trying to move over to the hole on his short play.

    Not positive on guard depth. I'm not certain we saw the #2 guys out there. I saw guys who were camp fodder after the regulars left the game. They were running them in and out in different combinations to see how they performed. It's a conundrum at this point. Not confident they are very good though.
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    I finally watched the game and here are my thoughts:


    I have defensive concerns with d-line and LB's. Denver's third possession, (I believe it was) they ripped us for numerous large runs and had a gaping hole for the TD. My concern is we will be inconsistent like last year. We look good in the beginning of the year but then slowly fall off as we get late in the year and play playoff teams.

    The 2nd team o-line was not good more often than not. I don't care if Hundley doesn't dive forward. It is inexcusable to get knocked backward twice on 4th and a half of yard. Also, there were some bad sacks they gave up. There were 1 or 2 on Hundley due to hanging on to the ball too long; however, the line had their share.


    Randall- I actually thought he played well for once. He gave up a few but a lot of the times had tight coverage and tackled well.

    Williams & Jones- I thought Williams did well catching out of the backfield. He may be more rough around the edges than Jones as far as running the football. Jones impressed me with his power and quickness.

    Evans- He is turning into a really good safety. He may replace Burnett in a year or so. Cheaper and younger. (TT's thing)

    Hundley- He still does not make quick enough decisions sometimes and does not get out of the pocket quick enough but he has a strong arm and is pretty accurate. We could get something for him. The question is will TT actually do something. (I doubt it)

    Davis and McCaffrey- Davis cemented himself with the return and the 2 or 3 catches he had. I still think we keep McCaffrey. He caught another two balls and is Mr. Consistent. He can also return punts as a back up.

    Overall not a bad game. I was not disappointed in any facet except for the depth at OLB and O-line. We have major issues there.
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