Preseason Week 3 : Green Bay vs Denver Thread

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Aug 22, 2017.

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    You guys nailed it down perfectly!
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    Von Miller vs. Kyle Murphy

    *shudders* Sit Rodgers down early
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    And Hundley has gotten plenty of snaps. No qb competition between 2nd and 3rd guy,
  4. TW

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    First thoughts on Denver game.

    It looked like the Packers were showcasing Hundley so he could be traded. Had they pulled him, before he worked with the camp fodder, he was worth quite a bit. As the announcers said, he was better than anything they have on the Dolphins roster. I think they were looking to up the ante on his value. They may have seen enough in camp of Callahan, and Hill, to assume they could handle #2 & #3. Or.... maybe they were grooming him to step in, if Rodgers goes down. I doubt it though. Just an opinion.

    Spriggs cannot play tackle, and probably will never be able to do it. It looked like his mind couldn't catch on to what he was supposed to do physically, on almost every play. They owned him out there. Murphy, on the other hand, looked like a much better option, and threw a couple of seriously good blocks, spring our runner on one, and giving Hundley the chance to move outside and complete a pass. Beyond that, he played pretty consistently.

    We have a problem at center. Linsley is not going to make it through the year, and we have absolutely nobody on the roster who can step in and play even nearly effectively. Before this season is over, McCarthy is going to blame "injuries" on the let down of offensive line play, and it's going to be on the shoulders of him and Thompson, for not addressing the problem properly. Guards look really good at times. Especially pass blocking. We also have depth there.

    Davis may have guaranteed he's going to be part of the team, in punt returns. McCaffery is also going to make this team. They want, and need both of them, because they can return kicks, and look like they could be decent pass catchers as well. The coaching staff will not forget that McCaffery catches everything thrown in his direction. Dropped passes are not acceptable. Nelson says he's going to play 2-4 more years. I assume that includes this year. Time to think about who we're going to have to replace him. That's a scary situation. Kendricks played well. Threw a couple of solid blocks, and runs good routes. No problems with our TEs whatsoever. We go in with at least three, possibly four. They might use one as a swing man, FB/backfield blocker/TE.

    Speaking of the backfield, we're going to end up with four or five RB/FBs. Ripkowski, Mays, Williams, Montgomery, and Jones. I think the odd man out, if any, is Mays, who could hopefully stashed on the practice squad... I think he's eligible. It depends if the Packers decide to go in figuring that Montgomery is a two position player, which he obviously is, no matter how they deploy him.

    At WR, DuPre is a hopeful practice team player, and Janis might be traded, or let go, at cut-down. If he goes, it would be for a conditional late rounds pick.

    On defense, As I've feared all along, the Packers defense is of absolutely no value in the middle of the field. If you lost one hair for every receiver who's running free against them, you'd be bald by halftime!!! There is no way they can continue to play every play as if it was a prevent defense, and you can afford to give up 10 yards. It all starts between the hash marks, and that's where the Packers season is going to end as well, unless someone gets on the ball, and uses their heads in covering those soft spots. If our CBs are put on an island of double coverage so often, how can we possibly have a problem covering the middle? It don't make sense!

    We have good DBs. I think the Packers are not as strong at linebacker as they think. We have three guys for the middle, and three, maybe four, if you count Fackrell, for outside. On the defensive line, we have a solid first line, and a couple of situational players, but not enough depth to keep guys fresh. That can hurt, late in a game.

    Special Teams will continue to be a joke as long as we have an ST coach who's claim to fame is that he lost more games per season on average, than any other University of Illinois head coach. Imagine. Three guys called for holding on one kick return. It has to be a record. Then there's not enough guys on the field on a play, followed two quarters later by too many men on the field. The guy doesn't have a handle on any facet of what he's supposed to have. Adding to the woes, McCarthy personally helps him with STs. That's downright scary.

    Punting and kicking, fine. Holds have to be a bit better, and none of it is due to the LS. It's our holder/punter, who's still adjusting to the job. It would have been nice if that 61 yarder would have gone through. One helluva kick.
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    serenity now.

    i have to keep telling myself: "it's only preseason".

    other good teams look just as bad, if not worse. 90% of the game was played without our g.o.a.t. quarterback. 50% of the game was their starters vs our 2nd, 3rd and fringe players.

    deep breath.

    then i start to remember all the players we have lost to injury already, and the anxiety creeps back in. we are dangerously thin at center and linebacker. time for our gm to make some moves.
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    This has been an issue every year and continues to be with the inexperienced players at OLB, but it seems like they are coached to get up the field as fast as possible, which just leaves gaping holes for RBs to run through. I'd much prefer the BB approach, which is to set an edge and contain first and rush second. Never happen with Moss and Capers coaching.

    Spriggs had at least one excellent rep against Miller but so many other times he stops moving his feet and lunges with his body, and you just can't do that, anywhere on the line, period. You simply can't play the guy right now.
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    Random thoughts after watching the game (no it didn't rain, but grass really not long enough):

    Spriggs looks really scrawny. Dude, lift some weights. I agree with others something must have happened - you can't fail with hand placement and foot movement as catastrophically as he does unless your mind ain't right. Maybe he had to fill and unfill a hole all off-season?

    Justin McCray isn't 'large', doesn't have a 'big anchor' - he's just plain out fat.

    Lucas Patrick got de-cleated and run over on one play. That's embarrassing.

    Marwin Evans is a football player. Great awareness, instincts and hell, he even form tackles. Like him a lot.

    I'm sick of guys lowering and turning their shoulder to make a tackle - see what you tackle, wrap up and drive the guy to the ground! (PS - Only Wayne Simmons is allowed to pick a guy up and body slam)

    I was disappointed not to see Hill play more. Hope he gets an entire half on Thursday. He's a gamer - even moreso than Callahan. If they keep three QBs (or keep a third for the PS), it should be Hill (depending on Thursday of course).

    Pipkins has some physical skills, but he's as raw as Ahi wrapped in seaweed. Gotta turn that head and look.

    Kenny Clark seems like he's become a beast - I saw some really strong moves this preseason. Can't wait to see that interior D stuff some RBs come regular season.

    Pass rush sucks - we all know this. Will it improve? Can't see how. Clay will have a hammy by week two or three and we won't see him full strength until week 12, if at all, so they better find someone else.
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  8. ski

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    I like Evans too.

    Pipkins has got to make the PS. He was all over that TD he gave up, physical and combative. Jut needs to recognize when to play for the ball. He's not huge, but kept his balance while fighting too.
  9. 57packer

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    I've been impressed with both Brice and Evans. Nice pair of UDFA pick-ups from last year. Give credit to TT for that.

    OL is a mess after the first 5. Murphy might be serviceable, but everyone else including Spriggs has looked bad. They have nothing at back-up center. It's a little concerning when you are hoping Barclay comes back soon. He might be the best option at OG as well. Their back-up guards have been bad as well. A strength has become a clear weakness in one off-season - blame TT for that.

    Defense worries me at times. They looked OK early but then gave up some stiff even with the starters mostly still in the game. They have nothing at OLB right now and almost no pass rush without blitzing. Completely agree with TW - you seemingly can make a play in the middle of the field against this defense any time you want to.

    Special teams is always sloppy in preseason, so while I'm not a Zook fan, I'll reserve judgement for now. They have some speed and talented individuals so hopefully once there are fewer players rotating in on special teams things will look a little less Keystone Cops out there.
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    Speaking of the middle of the field, anyone else notice how our O has been completely unable to attack the middle of the field both last year and again this pre-season? Just nothing over the middle, and it's a constant weak spot for the D. Weird.
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