Packers trade CB Damarious Randall to Browns, get back QB DeShone Kizer

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Da-news-now, Mar 9, 2018.

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    The Green Bay Packers have traded cornerback Damarious Randall to the Cleveland Browns and acquired quarterback DeShone Kizer.

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  2. realitybytes

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    started 15 games. won zero. threw 11 touchdown passes and 22 interceptions. completed only 53.6 percent of his passes. probably the only starting qb in the league with worse stats than hundley.
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    I don't think there is any doubt Cleveland got the better end of this deal. Trading a good starting cb from an already thin secondary is kind of foolish to me, especially for a backup qb that has looked like crap so far. Guess we have to wait and see what the plan turns out to be.
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  4. 57packer

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    WTH!! I haven't seen all the details yet, but on the surface this ranks as one of the dumber Packer trades off all time. We trade a competent CB for a lousy QB who is really no better than the lousy QB we already have. An inauspicious start to the BG era in GB. Sounds like we'll need to double up at CB early in the draft unless BG already has a deal in place for a free agent CB. They have almost nothing at the position right now.
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  5. UWSP 88

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    The picks exchange was equal to 36 points on the standard trade chart, which is equal to the 140 pick.
    Kizer is only 22 and has started 15 games in the NFL, see what some time with AR will do for him.
    Randall was a bit in MM doghouse, I thought he looked better than ok last year on the slot receivers.
    Time will tell, I not sure I would have done the trade, but I am not opposed to it.
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  6. rpiotr01

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    He was more than a bit in the doghouse. Last season both coaches and veteran players lobbied to cut him, which they almost did. Now at least they got some sort of return for a player they were willing to dump for nothing.

    Personally I came to dislike him as a fit in that system, I didn’t like his demeanor on the field, and I never thought he looked the part.

    As for Kizer, there’s a reason he went in the 2nd while Hundley went in the 5th. The season he had last year reminds me of Alex Smiths first year in SF, he had 1TD and 11 INTs: all signs of being on a bad team and being forced to play too soon. With some time to develop maybe he can become a nice trade piece.
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  7. Backthepack4ever

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    Randall played better the 2nd half yes.

    we now have a no BS DC. Randall wasn't well liked and an immature kid. Prob best to move on, now looks like he wasn't going to be resigned.

    Kizer sucked last yr no doubt. He also should have never seen the field. Give him time behind AR before we judge.

    The moving up in the draft could be nice.

    Browns get the higher return day 1 but this could work in the packs favor. If we can land a future long term starter on the OL (pretty good track record in the mid rounds) its not a bad deal. Plus give us better ammo to move up if we can

    To many moving parts right now to know how this pans out
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  8. Mark87

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    This trade tells me that MM is dabbling in personal and Murphy is letting him. Write it down and make note this will be his undoing and possibly lead us down a path some of you younger fans haven't seen before. Bad juju
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  9. Mark87

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    What system ? That craptastic garbage Capers put out ? Who coached him or any other DB ? I would remind you that the last 2 DB that left became pro bowl players with better coaching... watch Randell do the same.

    He is an aggressive DB that with coaching could be solid. Never got it.
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  10. Budman

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    Let's remember who is developing him. The same guru who developed Hundley. I'll take a wait and see approach. I agree, there's a reason Kizer was taken in the 2nd, better upside but that will Have to be developed.
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