Packers trade CB Damarious Randall to Browns, get back QB DeShone Kizer

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Da-news-now, Mar 9, 2018.

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    I did not see that coming. I'm kinda concerned about losing Randall. Not that I have been a big fan but aren't we short on CB's? I'm glad that he improved to be traded but can't imagine what the plan is.
    Had to think for a minute, who Kizer is. wacky( Glad to see that Gute is getting some competition for Hundley. FA might actually be interesting again this year.

    The more I thought about it, the more I like this move. Can't understand why anyone would want Gute's head for this. I really never liked Randall but am concerned about the holes in the secondary.
    I know that Sherman has been released, but I am not crazy about him at all. I think he would screw up the locker room. Sure hope they go in a different direction.
    Not sure Kizer is much better than Hundley but hard to think that he would be any worse.
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    Randall was one of the main guys I was excited to see under a new defensive coordinator. Him and Haha.

    Randall and Haha were/are two guys who looked like they had a ton of potential when they first got to Green Bay, then seemed like they eventually got contaminated by Capers system.
    I seriously felt like Randall had that Casey Hayward/Mich Hyde potential in a new system/coaching.
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    I don’t mind this.
    Basically they get to start over with a Hundley project, save $2 million, and move up in 2 rounds.
    There is not a chance in hell that the Packers were signing a backup QB of any note. We have zero room for a Ryan Fitzpatrick or Flynn-esque signing.
    I’m not a huge fan of Kizer but I guess they must see something in him to at least be a decent backup. If Randall continues to play well, we might lose the trade...but remember, he’s only got 1 year remaining on his deal anyways.
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    I don't doubt that the Packers have thoughtful and informed reasons.

    But it's kinda disappointing. Think it says that Packers thought poorly of Randall, and that either their game-evaluation and/or their off-field eval was more negative than I'd hoped. (I'm an optimist/hoper, so I'd hoped that Randall's issues were not going to get in the way of emerging as a talented, good corner. Think this clearly indicates Packers saw otherwise.)

    This may also be more about MM than Gute.(Agree with Mark87) Perhaps Gute is going to do what MM tells him to do. MM doesn't like Randall, dumped. (Kind of like with Sitton two years ago? But age/health is kinda different. Hopefully Herb Waters or Pipkens or some UDFA guy will step up as well in corner as Lane Taylor did in replacing Sitton.)
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    Do you honestly think we cannot find a CB or two in FA that won't break the bank that cannot be just as good as Randall? And stay on the field more? There are plenty of corners at age 26 with upside that we could sign. I am more worried about losing Burnett than Randall. We got rid of a bad attitude injury prone avg corner and got a younger back up QB with more upside. We also moved up in 2 rounds in the draft. I think we got the better end of the deal. We need to look at the future and now. Not just now. Let's see how this plays out before we draw and quarter BG after 2 months on the job.
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    is there an echo in here?
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    Fixed it :D
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    Randall is a good cb, so yes he will be missed and not as easily replace as you think. I think his attitude is what got him traded, if that's the case, then sending him to another team is probly the right thing here. I don't care to lose a starting cb and making us even thinner in that position, but I am sure BG has a plan to remedy that problem so we have to take a wait and see on this to see how it turns out in the end. I think Cleveland easily won this one as far as talent level goes in players traded. The slight move in draft spots I don't see making much if any difference. I really hope they aren't letting McCarthy have a say in personnel moves though...

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    Malcom Butler to GB?
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    I think we are seeing a little of Pettine's input/influence in this deal.

    Pettine's defense will primarily use press-man coverage, and that's not Damarious Randall. He's not a physical player, which is required to play press-man. He's more of an off-man/Cover-2 type player.

    Davon House and Kevin King fit better into the physicality/type of CB that Pettine will want in his CB's. So it won't surprise me to see House make a return engagement this season. Or, they could be setting their sites on another FA cornerback of similar abilities as House. Rashaan Melivin (Colts) comes to mind as one possible target (6-2/196), and Philbin is familiar with him. It may also be why Richard Sherman is loosely mentioned in the conversation as well, especially since Pettine did consulting work for SEA last year.

    Here's some info I dug up on the subject.

    Here's another interesting tidbit regarding the type of athlete who can play press-man effectively.
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