Jason Spriggs - Year 2

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by rpiotr01, Aug 16, 2017.

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    Sounds like he losing reps to Murphy now. Not a good sign. Hopefully gets it turned around.
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    I'm not certain, but I get the impression the Packers may be looking at Murphy as being the replacement for Bulaga, on injuries. They'll have Spriggs working at guard and tackle.

    Over the years, I've thought the Packers have screwed up quiet often when it came to getting the correct guys in place for the offensive line, but I'm beginning to believe they do a decent job, and don't really screw up too often.

    Yes, I realize our run blocking is usually horrible, but that, I believe, is due to the fact that the Packers put all their emphasis on these guys protecting the QBs, so they don't get hurt. Good? Bad? Not certain, but I don't think our QBs spend as much time on the injured list as most.

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