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Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by rpiotr01, Aug 16, 2017.

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    We traded up for Jason Spriggs in the 2016 draft with the hope he'd be a LT of the future. He's a tremendous athlete but lacking in strength and took his share of lumps last year.

    His sophomore year doesn't seem to be off to a much better start. He allowed a sack in last week's game and has not seemed impressive in 1-on-1 pass pro drills.

    What do we make of this? Still time for the light to come on with physical maturation, or did we err in trading up for him?
  2. kingkoopa

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    He's honestly looking like a bust at this point.
  3. TW

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    Sometimes it takes two years. Often, a lack of foot movement will make it look like a guy is weak. Is it possible he's still working on it? Then there's the possibility his real position is guard, possibly even center?

    At this point, we don't know how much the coaches have done that's tinkering with his use of his body out there.

    I'm going to take a wait and see attitude on him. A lot of us were ready to throw Bakhtiari under the bus early, because his footwork so bad. It got better real fast, and he's developed into a reliable left tackle.
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    Right now Spriggs future might be at RG because Evans is at best a 1 year stop gap. Or he could even perhaps be a LG because Lane Tayor is a FA after this year and if Ted does not retain him we will need 2 new guards next season.
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    Too early to judge much. Remember they they reprogrammed him to OG last year and also RT now they want to him back up up both OT positions. Not a lot of guys can switch around like that and be successful. I believe if he was put at 1 OT position and could grow there we wouldn't have any issue. tc(
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  6. Mark87

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    Right on the money. Spriggs was a LT that played wide in a no huddle spread attack. Moving him right and then inside has/could have clustered his footwork. I agree with TW let's wait and see
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    Cripes! Remember how we can't judge a draft accurately until the third year? Why are some so eager to throw guys under the bus in their second year. If we listened to some Adams would have been cut after his second year. Now it's Spriggs and Fackrell. Both these guys can play multiple positions. Spriggs is a former TE who moved to tackle and now MM in his versatility frenzy has him backing up both tackles after filling in at guard his rookie year. The thing I notice is that he learns from his mistakes. I've always liked Fack, he was an older rookie when he came out. He knocked AP out for the season last year. Also, he has a smoother turn than half the CBs in the league, he is the versatile defender Capers looks for in his defense. He might never be great but he could be quite valuable. Settle down folks. It's only their second year.

    If you expected Spriggs to replace Bak you're going to be disappointed. Packers are ecstatic about Bak. After signing his big extension he came in this year stronger than ever. By the end of the year he will be considered a top 5 LT in the league.
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    i'm with you. it's the age of instant gratification, dubz. they want it all and they want it now.
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    There was a time in the NFL where a player rarely hit the field until he spent two or three years on the bench, learning the game.

    Despite a lack of medical expertise back then, there were still fewer major injuries.
  10. Cheesedog

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    Pretty much this.. Personally I hate all the moving around they do with these guys. Makes it hard for a young kid to build a foundation and build.

    The big problem is that GB's OL is not that solid right now. If Spriggs gets forced into action before he's really ready it could be really bad for his development. That and I don't have that much faith in the assistant coaches to guide him through this transition.
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