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Discussion in 'The Warroom' started by GBP4EVER, Apr 12, 2017.


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    1. Taco Charlton OLB Michigan
    2. Sidney Jones CB Washington
    3. Alvin Kamara RB Tennesse
    4. Isaac Asiata OG Utah
    5. Channing Stribling CB Michigan
    5. Jarron Jones DL Notre Dame
    6. Ben Bolware ILB Clemson
    7. Justin Senior OT Miss State
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  2. Terranimal

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    Nice draft! Good stab at filling need list.

    Just wondering though if Jones and Kanara will still be on the board in the Rds you have them is all. But that's why we watch the draft :)

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    Kamara could be gone before the Packers pick in the third round but Jones I think will be there in the second. He was a borderline first round pick till he got hurt. With the injury I think he has fallen to early to mid 3rd round pick so the Packers want him they would have to take him at the end of the second when they pick. Which I would have no issue with as I think he could be a very good player.
  4. Backthepack4ever

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    Some thought Jones was the best cover corner. He may have went in the teens. I would love to snag him in the 2nd.

    Kamara is another with some,putting a late 1st on. I don't see him falling this far but again I like the pick and player.

    j Jones is interesting. I had him in an earlier mock. Talk is the tools are there to be good but he hasn't put it together yet and his work ethic was questuoned. Big red flag. Put that with a less then stellar combine and I see another worthy. No thanks.

    Overall its a nice group. I would be happy if it went down. Thanks
  5. Dubz41

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    I like Taco, just not sure if he is a fit for Capers. Sid and Alvin are a big yes (if they are there at that time). Love Asiata in the 4th, I think he could start at RG soon. Stribling- meh, he is the forgotten CB from Mich. Seems kind of skinny, but 5th round value. Don't like either J Jones nor Boulware. Jones is lazy and Boulware is a slower, smaller version of what we already have. Would rather draft projects with upside. 7th rounder Senior? Sure, but he's probably a PS guy to start the year.
  6. TW

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    For years, I tried to come up with a draft list for the Packers. I think I've gotten 3 or 4 right in all the picks. When they were a doormat, it was easy. Take one of the best guys available in the top 4 or 5! Not true now. Not so easy.

    I kept thinking, figure one guy you "might get." Then I changed it to, "pick 2 or 3 guys you might get." That's worked fairly well. I hit, on the first round, about once every three or four years. In other words, I've gotten 3 right so far. Not good!

    I honestly believed that this year it would be Gareon Conley. Reason? 6-4, 220#, and quick! Then I saw he was 6-2, 205#. Latest is that he's 6-0, and goes about 190#. He's the size of other guys, so not quite the "catch" he would have been if he was taller, and heavier, and still turned in quick times.

    So, I figured, add Watt to the mix. Pedigree. Sometimes the speed/strength stats aren't as important as the sheer desire to succeed. Matthews came from that kind of blood line, so does Watt. Most Kentucky Derby entries are from good blood lines, not pulled off the open range.

    My 3rd pick isn't a pick. If those two are gone, don't be surprised if the Packers don't trade down, and add an extra pick in the 4th or 5th, and possibly a late round pick next year.

    This is a strange year for picking the draft.

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