Your Projected Packers Draft Picks Contest


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Who is this years Draft guru ???

Give me round by round picks included your projected trades etc.... the player/position etc.

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The poster with the most points will be the 2015 Draft guru !!!

GO !
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Truthfully throwing jello at the wall. Just going the standard draft on mine.

R1. Eric Kendricks ILB UCLA
R2. Alex Carter CB Stanford
R3. Devin Funchess TE Michigan ( Ted finds his next Finley clone)
R4. Lynden Trail DE/DT Norfolk State
R5. David Cobb RB Minn
R6A. Chris Dunkley CB USF
R6B. Taiwan Jones ILB Mich State
R6C. Darrian Miller OT UK
R7. Dres Anderson WR Utah
No guru but I will join Capt and throw some Jell-o
R1. Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest
R2. Stephone Anthony ILB Clemson
R3. Clive Walford TE U
R4. David Johnson RB N.Iowa
R5. Josh Shaw CB/S USC
R6A. Marcus Hardison DT Arizona State
R6B. Stefon Diggs WR Maryland
R6C. Brandon Bridge QB South Alabama
R7. Jamon Brown OT Louisville
I can see this draft going so many different ways. If packerback78 wins, I'd be happy, though - that would be a great haul, like just about every player in that mock!

Here is my Jell-o attempt:

Round 1) Eric Kendricks, LB - UCLA
Round 2) Quinten Rollins, CB - Miami (Ohio)
Round 3) Marcus Hardison, DT - Arizona St.
Round 4) David Johnson, RB - Northern Iowa
Round 5) Taiwan Jones, LB - Michigan St. (trade-up 5th and 6th)
Round 6 - comp) Tray Walker, CB - Texas Southern
Round 6 - comp) Darren Waller, WR - Georgia Tech
Round 7) Chris Bonner, QB - Colorado State-Pueblo
This is the spaghetti version, throw it all against the wall and see what sticks... I'm using the draft simulator as a guide, so if this is whacky blame them ;) The more and more I look at others mocks, and what everyone is saying, the less this draft excites me. Plus I wanted this to be a little out there.... There are always guys who fall or get over drafted, so some of these guys will seem out of position.

Round 1: Trade w/New England and GB gets #32 and pick #64 (honestly I have no idea of trade values so if that's off it is what it is) in order to grab Green-Beckham ahead of SEA
GB picks Jake Fischer OT as best value left
Round 2a: Devin Funchess TE - ya this is high, but we need more TE production
Round 2b: Denzel Perryman ILB - not ideal, but maybe with some work he could be a good thumper in the middle. I know people don't think he'll last this long but so what :)
Round 3: Doran Grant CB
Round 4: Craig Mager CB - not the highest skill but a solid player.
Round 5: Darius Philon DT
Round 6a: Anthony Harris S
Round 6b: Max Valles OLB: project player, but if he can learn behind CMIII and Peppers he may turn into something
Round 6c: Jacorey Shepherd CB: it's the late rounds they're all project players, but he seems to have instincts..
Round 7: Bud Sasser WR: Ok, this is just cause I like the name...
Why not ? Wild guess on my part but I'll give it a try.

R1.M. Peters CB
R2. P.Dawson ILB
R3. D. Funchess TE/WR
R4. I. Ekpre-Olomu CB
R5. D.Cobb RB
R6A. R. Havenstein OT
R6B. J. Crowder WR
R6C. J.Mbu NT
R7. R.Wilson ILB