Wisconsin Badgers 2018 Spring Football Preview: Quarterback


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It’s that time of year once again, as days become longer, snow eventually melts and pads begin to pop once again in Madison. Of course we’re talking about the start of another Spring Football season, which will be getting underway shortly for the Wisconsin Badgers. It will be the fourth such occurrence for head coach Paul Chryst and his staff, and that means things should be down to a...


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It's possible Coan will end up being the starting QB somewhere along the line. It would probably be due to injury, but when it happens, he may not let Hornibrook get the job back.


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2018 Draft Guru
That's the scenario I see as well. I think Horni gets the starting nod, but IF he gets injured, watch out for Coan. He might just get the job due to injury but then might not let it go. I don't think Lyles will be anything more than a depth guy during his time at UW.

The incoming freshman, Wolf, doesn't figure into the mix this year, I don't believe. He has some talent but I don't know if he's going to challenge early. Things will get really interesting if they can hold onto the commitment from Mertz for 2019. He looks like the real deal and now some of the big-time "helmet" schools have come sniffing around, so maybe he goes elsewhere. If they do keep him for 2019 there is going to be some serious talent out there battling for that starting spot come the fall of 2019.