What is being said about Badgers 2019 NFL draft picks


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The three-day marathon of picks and commercial break after commercial break is over. For four now-former Wisconsin Badgers football players, their NFL dreams came true. Leading the way was offensive lineman Michael Deiter, who went to the Miami Dolphins with the No. 78 overall pick and the No. 15 pick in the 3rd round. He was the lone Badgers representative from Wisconsin in the first two days.


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A little surprised TJ Edwards wasn't drafted, but slowish interior thumpers just don't have much value anymore. He's a hell of a football player though. Not surprised by Dixon not being drafted. Great person and teammate, but a little on the slow side and doesn't have the size/length teams look for. Sagapolu is athletic but doesn't really anchor all that well for a guy his size. I'm thinking all three get UDFA invites.
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I'm anxious to see how this group of Badgers actually do down the road. How many will actually make it in the NFL. I may have been overrating the Badger linebackers, in particular over the years because of the success of the Watts. It seems like some of these guys have played below their level, but at what I considered substantially close enough to at least make a solid journeyman linebacker in the pros.

I believe that Dixon will make a team, and end up a fairly decent CB. He'll make his mark at the start in special teams. I believe Van Ginkel is going to surprise someone, and despite their slower foot speed, I see Sago and Edwards getting a shot, and possibly making someone's roster before they're through.

Either these guys have been coached up to play at a level beyond their capabilities, or they are half way respectable. I've watched them compared to our #1 pick (Gary), and quite honestly, I don't see that much difference in talent level than him and these guys.

That said, I may well have gotten a "cardinal tint" to my glasses.

As for the offensive linemen, I think there's a few there who will stick, and one or two will end up being serious players in the NFL.