The Top 100


There's a lot of Packers in that Top 100. There's also a lot of guys who played on other teams, whose careers clashed with the Packers. I noticed Chuck Bednarik is in that group. I remember him well. He was one helluva player!

In the 1960 NFL Championship game, it was Bednarik who stopped Taylor on the 9 yard line. Had he not tackled him, the Packers would have won the game, as the clock ran out. If you read the article I've linked, and look at the pics, you'll see the respect people had for each other, even within a rivalry.

Bednarik played both ways. He was the Eagles center on offense, and middle linebacker on defense. If I recall correctly, he had one year where he made All-Pro first team on one side of the ball, and 2nd team on the other. The guy could play football.

I never had a chance to meet him, but I sure enjoyed watching him play. That is, except for that one tackle of Taylor. Bednarik & The Packers