Report: Patty Kazmaier Award winner Daryl Watts transferring to Wisconsin Badgers women's hockey team

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Holy smokes she is going to be here for the next three years...depending on NCAA eligibility rules for the 2020 winter games.

That's certainly one way to go about replacing Annie Pankowski and Emily Clark, imagine some combo of this line next year:

Daryl Watts--- 22-26 = 48 (redshirt junior)

Abby Roque --- 11 - 32 = 43 (sophomore)

Britta Curl--- 22-12 = 34 (sophomore)

Sophie Shirley--- 20 - 18 = 38 (sophomore)

Abby is gonna have apples to deal by the bushel, Kristen Campbell has one more season of eligibility, and the only thing that could derail this team is multiple injuries and the Olympic interruption. There are only 7 players currently listed as defense on or coming on to the roster, so that could factor in at some point if the depth there isn't good.