Reggie White to the Packers


26 years ago today April 6th 1993 Perhaps the most impactful FA signing ever happens. The first true NFL free agency is happening and the largest prize among the group is DE Reggie White. He was touring most of the NFL and the favorite among them was 49ers to sign him. Back before there were social media pages to leak what was happening the entire sports world was shocked when word went out that the Packers and Reggie White had agreed upon a 4 year $17 million dollar deal that was the largest contract in football at the time. People were shocked that Reggie White would want to go to a team like the Packers who had been a laughing stock of the NFL for the past 25 years. While he did say the money played a part he also was impressed with a young QB they had called Brett Favre and believed that this team could be a rising contender. He was correct as Reggie helped recruit several other players to Green Bay and a young Brett Favre became the best player in the NFL and in 1996 they were able to put it all together and become Super Bowl XXXI champions. Sadly we would lose Reggie not even 10 years later. But here is to perhaps the greatest defensive player ever and the man who helped turn GB from a joke that coaches threanted to send players to if they did not listen to a team that players actually wanted to go to and become a Super Bowl team.