Recap: Matt LaFleur introduces coaching staff


Carpe Diem
Matt LaFleur on his young coaching staff: "I think we're going to bring a lot of energy every day. I think we'll be able to connect & reach our players. They're high-character guys. You will not see egos. They're going to roll up their sleeves & get to work."

New Packers special teams coach Shawn Mennenga said Matt LaFleur is committed to special teams. "Obviously he gave us the resources to hire a third (ST coach)," Mennegan said referring to assistants Maurice Drayton and Rayna Stewart. "Having more eyes on special teams will be important. He's obviously given us the resources to make it important."

Mike Pettine said when Matt LaFleur was hired as the Packers coach "it was an easy decision" to come back as defensive coordinator. "I talked to him before he got hired, and I got the sense there was a lot of common ground," said Pettine, who had LaFleur's brother Mike on his staff with the Browns. He said wants the defense to take "a big jump" in Year 2


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I like the focus on special teams, BUT, until they commit to it from a personnel point of view it may not matter. TT just kept turning over the roster and filling special teams spot with the latest group of UDFAs. Hopefully BG uses a player's value on special teams as one criteria to make roster decisions.