Preseason Week 1 Green Bay vs Tennessee Thread


Vince Biegel in for 22 snaps which was 34% of the plays on D but only thing he did was fall on a fumble. I am not sold on this guy being worth a roster spot. I think we can do better than him. This was a guy lot of people were counting on to take a big role on rotation this year at LB.
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I was at the game on Thursday and in talking to people around me several things were common themes.
- The lack of pass rush from the Packers. Might be due to playing back-ups and playing vanilla, but it was pretty apparent that the Packers were doing little in the way of generating pressure. Hopefully not a preview of the regular season.
- Our 2nd team OT's were getting handled. Lots of pressure from the Titans. BahkT and Bulaga need to stay healthy.
- Kumerow and MVS took advantage of their opportunities, St.Brown was "OK", Moore was just plain bad. With late round picks there is not often much to differentiate them and right now Moore is looking like the odd man out for the 53. He seems like PS fodder right now, but there are still 3 preseason games so we'll see.
- Boyle looks like Taysom Hill v2.0. Not as athletic but keeps his eyes downfield and has a strong arm. Has some accuracy issues but is a huge improvement over some past camp bodies like Callahan. I bet they try to cut him to put him on the PS and they will lose him . . . replay of last year.

Personally for me:
- I like Jamaal Williams approach. He'll never be a star, but he runs hard and seems to know the offense. You'll always be looking for a more dynamic back to start, but he seems like the perfect #2 kind of guy and could keep that job for years if he stays healthy.
- Josh Jackson looked pretty good. Not a ton of speed but seemed like he was OK. I get the Al Harris comparison.
- Back-up OL was a pretty mediocre group - again. Was hoping that the Spriggs/Murphy draft was the turning point but it seems like it wasn't.
- I know it's sad, but there were a few times I hoped they wouldn't convert on 3rd down just so I could see a few more JK Scott punts. I just wanted to see a little more of what we got in our 5th Rd punter.


Jmon's gonna be ok. He was getting open, he's just got the drops. James Jones went through a period like that, as did Davante Adams. Dude's all right. Personally I'm an EQ guy.