Post Game Packers Beat Jets 44-38


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Another Zook head scratcher - the game plan on KOs was to kick the ball to the Jets’ all pro return man, and pin him deep. Hmm, how’d that work for us? And Joe Philbin is stupid enough to approve that garbage? Just kick it through the end zone! Fine you try it once and get burned on a 99 yard return, stop doing it! After going up by 3 with less than 2 mins left, why put the ball in play? Darnold has gone cold and hadn’t delivered a first down since the third quarter. Force him to go 40 yards for the tying FG.


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It's a win and it was fun to watch - in certain stretches. Still this is a team that you'd have expected to beat more handily at the start of the season. A lot of the same things continue for this team. To start with, special teams are a mess. Hopefully this gets cleaned up by the new coach and his staff. They've been weak almost all year, but yesterday was the low point.

Defense was up and down - also a slice of the whole season. Good in stretches and brutal in others. Offense was mostly good all day. Jamaal Williams had a nice game as did AR and some of the rookie WRs.

Williams isn't "special" in any way except that he's one tough and durable SOB that gives you 100% every game. With the repeated injuries to Jones you need a guy like this backing him up. I suspect Jones just might be one of those guys who can't stay healthy. Hell of a talent, but 3 MCL's in a season and a half of work says that maybe you just can't get high usage out of him. I think they need to add another RB in the draft this year for depth.