Politics and Football don't mix


I'd draw some comparisons to the past year living in the Twin Cities. The cause is legitimate - social injustice. I get that. Who knew Kapernick was doing anything since? He put himself out there, made headlines and then went silent. Didn't even know he was doing anything, which is weird because you would think the media would've reported his every effort. Up here in the Twin Cities we had a couple of fatal police shootings. Officers in each instance were found not guilty (maybe wrong charges were pressed or maybe they were not at fault by LAW), but the response was demonstrators blocking Interstate 94 through St. Paul. Why they decided to do this was baffling, because all it did was piss everyone off. It wasn't peaceful and it wasn't lawful. It was the wrong platform to get their message across. All they did was alienate the people who they should be reaching out to. I think this player protest made the same mistake. Legitimate cause, wrong action of protest. When you think you're going to change something- don't start by pissing people off.

To be fair- that same principle applies to our POTUS. #sad.


This issue needs to be resolved off the field, but in all honesty, this issue has hung over our nation like an ugly cloud for so long that it's finally coming to a head. If the players walk away from the issue at this point, they're submitting to their "masters," and that's not going to happen. They see Trump as a racist in the White House, and supportive of a police state where minorities are treated even worse than they are today.

As far as Jerry Jones, this is a knee jerk reaction to the fact that the Packers beat the Cowboys, and he's lashing out at his players over it. This could end very badly for Jones, the Cowboys, and possibly even the NFL.

This could lead to a lot of serious problems, including a walk-out by players, and the demise of the league as we know it. All because one man took a stand for something he believed in strong enough to lose everything he had.

Now, I expect a lot of "dislikes" for this post, but I expect that, when people don't take the time to see issues from both sides, and try to understand anything more than their own "personal beliefs."

If I was advising the players on what to do, I would suggest that they kneel down before the National Anthem, then stand during the anthem. The problem is, they see the anthem as something that racism is hiding behind, and calling it patriotism.


Submitting to their masters is what employees do. If an employees actions are hurting the business they will not be allowed to continue those actions. This shouldn't be any different. The league can determine this is conduct detrimental and do what ever they want. There is plenty of evidence to support that these "protests" have impacted viewership.


Carpe Diem
100% honest, not really paying it any attention. My viewing is down because the product/game whatever sucks ...period.

The quality of player is piss poor coming out of college especially skill positions. Rather than come together to form a minor league and bring up talent, owners and the NFLPA our busy doing this crap ?? Screw 'emcsr(