Naikia Watson gives Badgers their RB for 2017 class


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There is no position with more scrutiny at the University of Wisconsin than that of running back. So, when one commits, it is a big deal. After struggling to land a premier ranked recruit at the position so far this class, the Badgers appear to have found the one they wanted. That’s because three-star running back Nakia Watson chose Wisconsin after unofficially visiting on Friday. His offer...


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Living in Texas, I can tell you that Westlake has a solid program, and they play against top level teams week after week, in Texas. This kid has the tools, and was featured more than once on Austin, TX prep football TV shows, and to make it to that level of recognition, you're pretty darned good.

Westlake has been down somewhat recently, but they've turned out one heck of a lot of solid football players, and on a success/failure level, a high percentage that get DI chances succeed, and many go on and have great NFL careers as well.

Players, at that level in Texas, often have two or fewer years to actually show what they have on the field. Some only one year, and there are times that substitutes who play secondary roles, often go on to college, and do amazing things.

I've had the opportunity of seeing what he can do, and mentioned it in another thread. This is a kid who can continue to make the Badgers running game effective. He may even be a red-shirt in his first year at UW, but rest assured, before he's through, he's going to be a real running threat in the Big 10.

A little history on the school. Drew Breeze, Nick Foles, Cam Newton, just three QBs that made it from there. Even an actress, Jamie Lee Curtis. Here's a list of people from there, who made it big time. The list is so strong that there are dozens of guys who went on and had great college football careers that don't even show up in the list.

Westlake Well Known Alumni