Marks Mock Draft 3.0


Carpe Diem
Post combine draft with all the extra picks. No trades

Round 1 : Tremaine Edmunds, OLB, Virginia Tech

He's still on the board and would be a huge upgrade.

Round 2: Tarvarus McFadden CB FSU

GB will need bigger corners in this scheme and McFadden fits. I have some concerns in cover 1 but I can't see him being there in the 3rd. Have to upgrade the Secondary.

Round 3: Jessie Bates FS Wake Forest

A known target, GB really likes what Bates brings to the table. BG grabs him

Round 4A : Ian Thomas TE Indiana

Thomas gets the nod here because he has bit more speed and separation then some others. GB will use him in the down the seam and in the slot.

Round 4B: Poona Ford DT Texas

Good size at 6'4 309 but moves quickly down the line and disrupts plays. Would be a nice addition to the rotation.

Round 5 A : Deontay Burnett WR USC

Nice add in the 5th, Burnett totaled 74 receptions for 975 yards and nine touchdowns in 2017. He doesn't have great size, but he is a quick receiver who is a quality route-runner.

Round 5 B: Kurt Benkert QB Virginia
Benkert is still on the board and GB nabs some insurance. He has a nice arm but needs help in other aspects. MM will try to work his magic yet again.

Round 5C : Toby Weathersby OT/OG LSU
A tweener type player GB seems to like. Depth for the OL

Round 6 A: Jack Cichy ILB/OLB WI
GB gets another UW player they can plug in. Cichy will have to stay healthy but he brings great depth and composure with him. Darkhorse type kid that could sneak on the final roster.

Round 6 B: Justin Jackson RB NorthWestern
Intriguing kid that BG nabs late to compete at RB. Very shifty back he's a great WR out of the backfield. Highly effective in the screen game and will block. Nice late add.

Round 7A : Andre Chachere CB San Jose State
GB grabs a late CB prospect to add to the mix.

Round 7B Adam Breneman TE Umass
Again late prospect for depth. Brenaman is a Penn State transfer who needs a ton of work in blocking but is a nice receiving TE. Worth a look


yea I agree I don't see him there at all but I would jump at the chance to get him. Hes my fav player in the draft.

no interest in McFadden. after him it looks great. Bates is young and going to only get better. could be a sleeper. Thomas has finley like traits that made this o hum.

nice work


I like this except for McFadden in second and Poona Ford in 4th.
Question McFadden's speed, he looked very lackluster at the combine and, though ranked highly coming into the year, has been slipping in rankings all year long. I would just like to see more speed on the corner.

My question about Poona Ford is his height. You have him at 6'4", but I've seen him measured at 5'11" or 6'0". His Senior Bowl measurements were 5'11.5" 306 lbs. He plays with a lot of energy, but I don't know if he meets the statistical minimums for the position.

Love the double dip TEs and Jesse Bates III. Burnett is a nice addition to the WR corp.


Cichy don't know why he did not medical redshirt and go back. Would have helped him. Now will be late round to priority UDFA.


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Medical red-shirt was not an option for Cichy. He could have tried to convince the NCAA to bend it's rules but it's doubtful he would have gotten it. A player who takes a voluntary non-medical red-shirt is not eligible to take a medical red-shirt at a later time.

"In order for a player to receive a sixth season, the NCAA requires that the player must miss two years due to a hardship out of the player’s control."

One of Cichy's seasons he took a red-shirt for non-hardship reasons. He would not have qualified for a 6th year unless they could convince the NCAA that either his freshman red-shirt had other circumstances or that his junior year injury should be re-classified due to injury for much of that season. Neither was likely.