Load Management is now a No-No!


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I wondered if it would come to this. Watching Bud overuse this told me the time would come where the league would have something to say about it. People spend good money to go to games, and when coaches indiscriminately bench star players to rest them, instead of just using them sparingly during a game, it sends a bad message to the fans. The fans come to see the stars, not the shell of a team that is going to go through the motions because they have to play the game, but would rather just forfeit.

Like the article says, Bud rested Giannis 19 times. Granted, some of those times may have been from minor injuries, but by and large, he would have said that even if the injury was nothing more than a bruise. Resting 19 out of 82 games is 23% of the games. If you follow that logic, nearly 25% of your star power is going to be on the bench in the majority of games.

Of course teams will use the injury bit even more to circumvent this rule, but the time will come where the NBA will mandate their own doctors to do assessments of injuries, and make the determination if it warrants sitting out. There might even come a time, if teams abuse this rule too much, where sitting out a player could require them to be sat down for a series of games, like two or three, beyond the game they are to miss. Kind of like a "mini-IR."

Anyhow, it's going to be interesting seeing where this goes.

Got to take care of Giannis so he is healthy after this year so can get make value when Bucks are forced to trade him when he won't sign again next summer.