Is 2020 recruiting class make-or-break for Badgers & Gard?


Hauser boys are unique in that Mom and Dad were BB coaches, that style of BB wasn't fully their cup of tea. Wojciechowski and Joey didn't jive from day 1 which led Sam to stick up for his brother. Bottom line they were at an impasse. I am not buying the Virginia report because they moved to point after the Bennett's were a thing. Knowing their parents David and Deb like I do I would think they have a plan already but it'll be tight to the vest and might even surprise people.

Just for clarification I was on David Hausers first BB staff way back in 1993. We exchange emails every now and then.
One other thing to add. Hauser’s and Marcus Howard could not exist together on the court. Not a coincidence that once Howard announcement that he was coming back that Hauser’s announcement they were leaving.