Dougherty: Packers no longer can neglect backup QB position


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Because of the system going in you need a game manager. He doesn't need a huge arm in this offense. Ryan Finley is perfect for it. Give him 3 years plus behind Rodgers and your in good shape.
Mark, you have been talking about RF, for two months. I do not disagree about him being a game manager, I just perfer my QB have the ability to drive it deep once awhile to keep the D off balance. At the Senior bowl, the knock on RF was lack of arm strength. Maybe with time that can be developed. I know you to be wise and well read when it comes to football and especially Packer football, so I will not doubt what you say on this topic. But I still prefer JS. And I highly doubt that the packers will draft both, so I will never really know who is the better game Manager for the Packers.


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I don't like any of them this year. Finley looks to me like Matt Ryan with a weaker arm. Maybe he can add some juice over the course of a few seasons but I don't know. I said yesterday that in terms of tools, I like what Boyle offers more than any QB this year outside Lock and I stand by that. Philbin made a real error not getting Boyle some playing time last year.