backthepack nov offseason mock

I can see the pack winning a few more games and will get us a draft pick around 15. With Dom Capers D showing they cant stop any offense with half a pulse some moves are made.

TT steps down as GM

Eliot Wolf takes over

first order of Biz for the new guy in charge is to show capers the door, he has stayed way past his welcome

Two DCs that Im looking at are Mike Pettine and John Butler

Pettine had a short run with the awful browns but his Ds with the Jets and Bills were both top 10.

Butler is the CB coach with the Texans right now but he has had interviews to be HC and has been highly praised. Right now I would hire Pettine and get Butler in the building also. We need new life in the staff on D.

As fast as Dom hit the door the S&C crew get run out of Green Bay also. A whole new program needs to be in place.

CM3 (cut)
Burnett (hate to lose him)

Evans (good signing, should be fine 1 more year)
Rich Rod (stop gap)
Brooks (cheap depth)
Cobb (contract restructure)

FA Signings

Sammy Watkins WR

Watkins career hasn't been stellar and he hasn't been the healthiest, but the skill set it there. With Nelson on his last years we need a new weapon for the rest of ARs career. Watkins working under Nelson and with Rodgers could be huge. Front load his deal with incentive goals. Splash move by Wolf!!

DRAFT (I have a lot of trades. I used the draft value chart and they are all within reason)
packers get comp picks in the 3rd 5th and 6th

R1 pick 15 TRADE. Packers trade pick 15 for picks 18 and 82

R1 pick 18

Arden Key OLB LSU

Wolf lands the athletic freak of the draft. Key has all the tools to be a stud. With CM3 cut and an already weak pass rush, the pack add a future pro bowler. Key can provide help day one. I have seen him mocked in the top 5 and at the bottom of the 1st. When healthy he is hard to handle.

Trade Packers trade picks 47, 82 and comp 6th to get into the bottom of the 1st

R1 pick 28

Mark Andrews TE OKL

The Bennett pick up failed. Cook wanted more than the pack offered and couldn't stay on the field. Its time to find the future at the position. Enter Andrews, who is getting around 18 yards per. Hes big fast and plays with fire. We can get by with Rich and Kendricks, but Andrews takes it up a notch. Again another weapon for the rest of ARs career.

Rd2 pick 56 packers again trade picks 79 comp in the 3rd, pick 143 and 207 for pick 56

Tremaine Edmunds LB Va Tech

Love this guy and what he brings to the table. Would be a guy that could be moved all over the place. Reminds me of Barr with his size. Great athlete with the cover skills needed in the middle. He prob doesn't last this long bc hes as good as any of the 1st round ILBer imo. Its time to become a team with great athletic ability.

Rd4 pick 111

Andre Dillard OT Wash St

The online has been banged up and we have lost a few pieces in the last 2 seasons. Dillard adds depth and the kind of OT the pack have drafted lately. Hard to get a real rank on Dillard. Walt has him high and claims scouts think hes better then some of the higher guys. Many other sites don't even have him listed or if he is its day 3. Sounds like his pass blocking is really strong but could use work in the run game

Rd5 pick 175

Danny Johnson CB Southern

Rd6 pick comp

Marcus Davenport OLB UTSA

Another interesting small school guy. long rangy player. prob could add weight and get stronger. elephant type



You made some pretty amazing predictions! Lol! Nicely done!


Interesting draft with trades. BTW wanted Watkins back in the draft.