Antonio Brown and Terrell Owens


Only misunderstood? Maybe

Brown taking a lot of heat from fans and press by his comments lately and end of season antics. But like a lot of things in life there is more to the story.

When we think of Steelers we think of a tight runned ship. Well that was yesterday. Listening to Gollick's on ESPN this morning it's coming out that it's not like it used be there as an organization. Brown wasn't the first or only player to miss practices and the like.

Then this came out too today. Both Owens and Brown came from lack of family backgrounds and share similar traits. In fact hadn't heard this one before but when Owens was a teen he was falling for a girl like most boys do. However imagine finding out the girl is your sister u never knew about? That happened to Owens.

We look at these type of players and think it's all about the money and ego when what they are looking for is love and acceptance. Though misguided maybe there are 5 different types of people and what their idea of love and acceptance is. Could be Brown's is through gifts or this case money.

Quick fact question: Name how many WRs have had 5 consecutive 1000 yard plus receiving seasons?

Answer: Only one....Brown. Even Rice and Moss didn't. Talent wise he's worth the money.

My deal is one we have a younger team and not a vet locker room.

Second the trend is leaning more towards multiple weapons verses two Go To WRs. We have a young cast and everyone should be back for the most part. MVS looks to have an arrow pointing up and now with an off season working with AR, should only get better.

Third is the cap hit. While the combo of Adams and Brown would give DCs nightmares, what happens if one or both go down to injury? The other part is how much money tied up between 2 WRs and QB. Where would be the money for improving the Defense.

Belechik did this one season and set the league on fire with Moss only to lose the SB. Yet this year won with what experts were calling his weakest team talent wise and all they did was win the SB. He had an improved Defense and played smash mouth old school in the playoffs and won the SB. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

Bring all of this up as a lot of talk out there as the Pack one of the team's for Brown and one of the team's he wants to play for. Also more talk going on that now coaches in place and the like, this off season Gutey is going to pull a big move and same with the draft.

I wouldn't hate the idea of getting Brown but at what cost is what concerns me......