57 Packer - first mock


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Not really up to speed this year - has been a hectic winter at my job so not much time for anything. Hopefully that will get better over the next few months. Just starting to get familiar with some of the players who aren't exactly Rd 1 type guys but thought I'd throw a mock out there for the heck of it.

Off-season moves:
- Redo deals with Matthews and Nelson to open up a little CAP space. Nelson's deal will move some dead cap into 2019 but there'll be room next year so that's OK. Matthews has a better chance of still being around and productive in 2019 so that seems a more sound deal.
- sign Mo Wilkerson - DE. Seems to be some genuine interest from both parties.
- sign Aaron Colvin - CB. Will cost some money but likely not a bank breaker.

That's it for the off-season. The money is gone after those 2 free agents if we even have enough room for both. No room to address TE at this point or OL. Have to hope to fix those spots in the draft or with improvement from within. Might be able to sign Burnett, but I suspect the money gets out of hand and they will need to let him walk and use what depth they have to cover.

Rd 1 - Marcus Davenport-OLB - Texas-S.A. Fits a need and is value at that spot. Really could be one of several players that seem to be hovering around that spot - Edmunds, Payne, McGlinchey, Vea, James & R. Smith. I'd be OK with any of them other than Vea who is just a repeat of Kenny Clark. Any of those picks would probably not change much for the rest of my picks.

Rd 2 - Jaire Alexander-CB - Louisville. A solid corner with the size and speed the Packers look for. Also fills a need. Might be just a little early for him, but have read he is rising on boards a bit.

Rd 3 - Brandon Parker-OT - N.Car A&T. Long, smart, solid OT prospect who might be able to fill Bulaga's shoes right away if he's not ready and Spriggs and Murphy aren't improved. He's been a little all over the board, but starting to show up in Rd 3 in some mocks.

Rd 4a - Dalton Schultz-TE - Stanford. Ran pretty well at the combine with a solid 3-cone. Is a willing and effective blocker as well.

Rd 4b - Obo Okoronkwo-OLB - Okla. Not ideal length, but works hard, tackles well and would help out as part of a rotation to keep players fresh.

Rd 5a - Michael Gallup-WR - Colo. St. Decent size/speed combo. Another player who is a little all over the place. See him as high as Rd 3, but also see some places showing him more like Rd 4-5. I could be way off on him.

Rd 5b - Andre Chachere-CB - San Jose St. Checks all the boxes the Packers look for in a CB - 6' tall, 4.36 in the 40, and a 6.78 3-cone. Also a solid special teams guy in college.

Rd 5c - Ito Smith-RB - S.Miss. Yup, another guy I don't have a great handle on. Saw him in Rd 3 area on one site, much later on others. Elusive back who is also a good receiver.

Rd 6b - Alan Lazard-WR - Iowa St. Tall (6'4"+) and long WR. OK speed but not all that explosive. Could project to be a red zone threat with his size.

Rd 6b - Natrell Jamerson-S - Wisconsin. Not the biggest safety but he's not small either. He's fast and versatile having played some CB in college, so fits what the Packers need for their secondary.

Rd 7a - Matt Dickerson-DE/DT - UCLA. Just a flier on a late round DL who has the right size to do well in a 3-4.

Rd 7b - Will Richardson-OG/OT - NC State. Probably too late for him but here's hoping. Had some off-field problems in college (weed). Still a work in progress. Some sites show him in Rd 4 territory, others much later. Seems like a guy who could develop into a versatile OG/OT guy in time if he can keep from getting suspended.

My only regret is that I really did not address ILB, but my plan would be for CM3 to spend a lot more time inside. I also did not address QB in this draft. I might in my next one, but it really would probably be something I'll look at harder to see if there is a veteran FA option that would fit as part of the off-season plan. No point really adding a rookie to the Kizer/Hundley/Callahan mix. Need someone with experience.