2019 Camp Update: August 2 Family Night


Carpe Diem
Practice Starts at: 7:30 PM CDT

Not Practicing:
RB Aaron Jones (Hamstring tightness)
Injuries: Matt LaFleur (Achilles-pretty serious), K Mason Crosby (Calf-not serious-NFI), CB Josh Jackson (Foot-not serious-NFI), LB Kendall Donnerson (Hamstring), DL Fadol Brown (Calf), RB Jamaal Williams(Hamstring), OL Jason Spriggs (Trapezius), LB Greg Roberts (PUP)
  • Packers LT David Bakhtiari not on the field for the start of team drills. He went into the tunnel a couple minutes ago. Alex Light at first-team LT right now.
  • Bakhtiari back out on the field with the rest of the team.
  • The veteran QBs and O-line duped the rookies during introductions. Stopped and let the rookies run out by themselves. Rookie QB Manny Wilkins realized it, and turned around to find Rodgers, Kizer and Boyle still standing by the tunnel.
  • RT Alex Light 2-0 vs. Kyler Fackrell
  • RG Billy Turner 2-0 vs. Mont Adams
  • C Corey Linsley 1-1 vs. Kenny Clark
  • LG Lane Taylor 2-0 vs. Dean Lowry
  • LT David Bakhtiari 1-1 vs. Z. Smith
  • Malcolm Johnson rough pass pro drill.
  • Tra Carson a win in pass pro.
  • Tonyan gets Raven Greene. Nice throw from Wilkins.
  • Alexander just did the absolute best anyone could in a 1x1 against Adams. Simply put, and I can’t say this with more emphasis, Davante Adams is completely uncoverable 1x1 right now. Touchdown Adams. Video Video2
  • MVS fights through a hands to the face from King, TD.
  • J’Mon had a ball go off his hands. Been an issue for him historically.
  • Tonyan beats Savage to the sideline. 1 on 1s done for now.
  • Kumerow hurt his hand on the play and is currently on the sideline getting checked out.
  • Alex Light, who's had a strong camp, is taking the team reps at right tackle for Bryan Bulaga.
  • Kizer with nice pocket presence. Hits EQ on the post for 20+ after stepping up.
  • New RB Darrin Hall drops the ball after a handoff.
  • Play action fake and Boyle massively underthrows Moore with no pressure.
  • Handoff to Hall goes nowhere.
  • Raven Greene with the 1s. Rodgers and Adams can’t connect on a back shoulder again. Rhythm off again.
  • Rodgers and Kumerow get Alexander for about 38 on a heavy blitz from Pettine. Video
  • Then Rodgers bombs to Adams down the post for 50+ on King. Offense is exacting their revenge tonight.
  • Rodgers with a fun little scramble.
  • Manny big game Wilkins with the dimer to Trevor Davis. Would’ve been a 70 yd TD
  • Madison air-mails a shotgun snap to Wilkins.
  • Wilkins hits Lazard on a comeback for 14 but that likely would’ve been a sack.
  • Rodgers checks down to Danny Vitale. That’s gonna keep happening.
  • Rodgers hits Allison on the slant for a 1st down on 3rd and short. Natrell Jamerson closest man in coverage.
  • Quick pass to Adams on the outside. Defense is off & he picks up 7 before anyone’s near him.
  • A little hesitation from D. Williams but finds an opening for a nice gain.
  • MVS sits down perfectly in a zone for a nice gain.
  • MVS first down from Rodgers. Tony Brown in coverage. Off coverage, easy completion.
  • Nice route by Tonyan who makes the catch and then gets up field vs Burks.
  • David Bakhtiari gets out in space and just abuses Oren Burks in the open field. Clears some space for Dexter Williams which they count as a touchdown but he likely would have been a few yards short.
  • Followed with a nice pocket, nice throw Kizer to Davis for a first down.
  • nice hole for Tra Carson as Elgton Jenkins turns Tyler Lancaster
  • Kizer play action quick pass to Trevor Davis over the middle who continues his strong play. Davis beats Rouse.
  • de Beer with a massive pancake on Sagapolu.
  • Darrius Shepherd from the slot, makes a catch. He's quick. Nice catch. Beat Jamerson, I think.
  • Good Kizer: on third-and-8, wide lane opens on left side, and he picks up first down with legs. He can definitely give you that. That athleticism helps when plays break down. Video
  • WR screen to Adams. Alexander beat his block and was in good position to make a tackle though.
  • Great route and diving sideline catch from Jake Kumerow on Boyle's throw with pressure in his face.
  • 1:30 to play. One timeout. Big play from Rodgers to Graham. No huddle. Great protection for Rodgers.
  • Now Rodgers find Allison on the slant. Laser throw.
  • Incomplete to MVS setting up 2nd down and 10 from the 40. Sugar huddle by the offense.
  • Danny Vitale on a nice outside run.
  • Kumerow beautiful back shoulder catch on Hollman who had nice coverage.
  • Shepherd on a slant from Kizer. 34 seconds left. Strong, confident throw by Kizer.
  • Tim Boyle connects with Trevor Davis on a leaping 30-yard catch. Trevor Davis just mossed the bejeezus out of Rouse. Jumped and two-handed the ball over Rouse's helmet along the sideline. Video
  • Darius Shepherd with a big catch on 3rd to move the chains. That’s a really nice play for him. Boyle took a high snap and threw a big high and behind Shep who adjusted to get the catch and the first.
  • Jaire Alexander v. Davante Adams 1-on-1 = excellent battle downfield. Incomplete, ball off Adams' hand in end zone from Rodgers.
  • Rashan Gary handled Adam Pankey easily in 1x1’s, 2-0.
  • Oren Burks gets the best of Corey Grant.
  • Raven Greene still at safety with No. 1s
  • That's a nice play from Oren Burks, who shot through the line and likely would have stopped Dexter Williams in the backfield for a TFL.
  • Kingsley Keke absolutely just blew through somebody
  • UDFA LB Curtis Bolton nice "tackle" for loss there
  • Nice pass rush by Za’Darius Smith
  • Kenny Clark is having himself a practice today vs. Corey Linsley. Disrupted the last pass play. Oren Burks right on Vitale in coverage after that would be sack.
  • Carson stuffed at the line by Za’Darius Smith. Dude is a beast.
  • Tony Brown and Ka'Dar Hollman getting nickel team reps, along with Natrell Jamerson &Raven Green at safety vs. 1st team offense.
  • Tony Brown with a pick 6 of DeShone Kizer on an out - and does his Lambeau Leap. Intended for EQSB and a return of 30 yards.
  • Rashan Gary disrupted a first down run
  • Really good protection on 2nd down results in a throw away for Kizer. ..
  • McCray hold on Lancaster.
  • Crawford with a blitz along with Fackrell. Both get home for an easy “sack.”
  • This time, Deon Simon disrupts a run.
  • Rookie Ty Summers flashed on previous play, held up his hand to say he would've "sacked" Kizer.
  • Kizer throw away. Good coverage by the 3rd team defense.
  • Alexander tough to beat deep. Had Adams blanketed down right sideline. Nowhere for Rodgers to throw the ball.
  • Offsides by Za’Darius Smith who promptly gets taken out.
  • Rodgers scrambles but can’t get the first as Raven Greene is there for the stop.
  • No one picks up Ty Summers through the B-Gap. He's been in the backfield a lot tonight.
  • Fackrell and Gary just collapsed the pocket on Manny Wilkins. Would have been a sack.
  • Stop by Burks on Carson.
  • Kingsley Keke with a run stop at the LOS.
  • The Smiths converged on the QB with Za’Darius getting the major pressure through Turner.
  • Kizer's throw to J'Mon Moore is tipped by Ka'Dar Hollman and intercepted by Chandon Sullivan. Hollman beat Moore to the spot on a slant.
  • Kizer's O-line not holding up very well. Montravius Adams ran right past rookie G Elgton Jenkins and would have had an easy sack. Teo Redding with a catch.
  • Tony Brown w/ good coverage on Lazard.
  • Ty Summers would’ve eaten Kizer alive. He seems to have a way with his blitzes. He ends Kizer's 2min drill with an incomplete pass caused by pressure.
Special Teams:
  • Shepherd back as the 1st string PR
  • On six punts from a variety of yard lines, JK Scott averaged 4.46 seconds of hang time. He put three inside the 12 and had one touchback. In the four full-field punts, Scott averaged 48.8 yards with 4.65 hang time.
  • Sam Ficken hits from 28 yards at end of team move the ball drill.
  • Ficken hits from 40 yards too.
  • Ficken misses from 54. Of his four misses in camp, all have been wide right.
  • Ficken comes back with a 28-yard field goal. All four move the ball periods end in FG attempts.
  • Ficken good on a 35 yard.
  • Ficken wide right from 50.
  • Sam Ficken just made three straight field goals from 51, 54 and 63 to end practice.

Practice has ended at: 9:23 PM
Next event is: Training Camp Sunday (8/4) at 10:15 AM CDT
Press Conference Notes:
  • Matt LaFleur after Family Night: "Oh man, what an environment. I've never been a part of anything like that in my life. To see, I don't know what the final number was, but when you can almost fill up that stadium on a practice that's pretty unreal."
  • And Jake Kumerow continues to impress: “You can always count on Jake.” HC Matt LaFleur noted how he played through a “ding” on a finger.
  • Sam Ficken said he was frustrated with three misses tonight, so he asked for one extra kick from 63 yards (which he made) to try and finish on a good note.

Go Pack 85

After watching it again this morning :

Kizer is no longer the #2. J'Mon Moore is FIRMLY outside looking in. Kumerow and Davis continue to be as advertised. Sheperd continues to surprise. The Back-Up O-Line will continue to be a pre-season quagmire. Ficken has NO chance. Tonyan is the #2 TE. Vitale is making this roster.


I was there last night. Kizer can't make throws plain and simple. Davis perhaps had best catch of the night. on a pass by Boyle Davis went up over the DB head and made a catch that went for a TD. Davis also had another great catch that was low and in front of him. Kumerow had a great catch early from Rodgers over his back shoulder that was right in front of me catch was Nelson like. He also made a great shoestring catch in 2 minute drill. Have to say this defense looks legit. They would have sacked the QB a ton of times last night if they were given the chance. Agree what someone said Ficken is way to inconsistant to make this team. At RB outside of Dexter Williams no one else who took part in family night last night will make the team. A player who will be worth putting on the the PS for the team is Shepeard guy catches a lot of balls. Gary looks like a beast lining up all over the place will cause matchup problems. Keke also showed a couple flashes one play forced Boyle to throw ball away in endzone drill would have been crushed otherwise. Adams I don't see big deal on his play guy seemed like a lump standing on sideline for most part. Davante Adams had a struggle family night dropped a few balls he should have brought in. Rodgers looked solid and at one play did see him screaming at a player looks like he was telling him he had to think more. Alexander and King had good nights covering the DB's. Overall I think this team looks like a team that has a lot of promise.


practically the entire team has been singing the praises of montravious, so i guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Two things I said should happen this preseason. #1, Kumerow not only makes the team, he gets an improved role on the field. Rodgers "trusts him," just like he does Davante Adams. That takes any possible hesitation away from him being willing to make the throw because he knows they'll be where they should when it arrives. Secondly, Boyle has shown more pocket presence then Kizer since the day he got into camp last year. He has a much higher level of growth, and will develop into a solid #2 for at least three or four years. Kizer should be released, and we need someone on the practice squad who can be activated if needed.

Rest assured, LeFleur is not going to accept the evaluations of any players from the past regime. Every one of them is auditioning for field time. It's all about what he and his coaches see "now." No amount of good press from the past means a darned thing.