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Discussion in 'Around The NFL' started by Mark87, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Saw this over in the twitter thread, thought it deserved its own topic to help ease the pain of the offseason.

    "It's the year 2016. The Vegas Gamblers have just been formally accepted into the NFL as a brand new expansion team. The owner is Donald Trump(who did not become president). You were a life-long friend of Mr. Trump's, and he has hired you to be the new GM of his expansion franchise.
    In this fictional scenario, you get to be the GM for the Gamblers. However, there is a glass slipper in this fairytale.

    You are starting as a brand new NFL franchise. You are able to select THREE players to start your franchise. These players can be past or present(sorry, no current college studs, or players who have yet to enter the league). List the three players you would take in the comments section, and give a brief description on why you chose those players for your brand new Team. You can assume your three selections are just entering the prime of their career.

    My personal 3:


    Reggie White
    Jim Brown
    Dan Fouts

    If I had to pick 3 current players based on their current ages and todays game:

    JJ Watt

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    Ok I am going LT because he could just take over games, Barry Sanders because I think he was the greatest RB to every play, and Tom Brady because I think he could be the greatest QB to every play the game.

    Top 3 to go right now starting a franchise today: Luck because he's only in late 20s and a very good QB, Watt he's the best D player in the NFL and also under 30, Antoino Brown he is a threat were ever he goes.
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  3. 57packer

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    Former players:
    Reggie White
    Lawrence Taylor
    Johnny Unitas (yup, going totally old school)

    Current players:
    JJ Watt
    Von Miller
    Aaron Rodgers

    The pattern is the same - stop the run and get to the QB, and of course, have a guy who can read defenses and throw the football. The rest is just gravy. ;)
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  4. Packinatl

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    Former players

    Reggie White. Leadership and can dominate a game.
    Jerry Rice. Fluid and can beak a gas me open on any play.
    Dan Marino. Best pure passer I've ever seen

    JJ Watt. The most dominate player in the game today.
    Russell Wilson. Can create plays an maturing as a passers young and will only get better
    Richard Sherman. It's a QB league and I want a shut down cb who is physical and a leader
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  5. Packinatl

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    Let me also point out that the league will take control of the team once Mr Trump files bankruptcy. He will then sue the NFL and be awarded a settlement of $1. History does repeat itself
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  6. Mr. Mid-Life-Crisis

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    Former players:

    Ray Nitschke - Packer Gawd
    Joe Montana - Champ amongst champs
    Walter Payton - The sweetest

    Current players:

    Aaron Rodgers - Homer pick :)
    Julio Jones - Pure wideout
    JJ Watt
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  7. Cheesedog

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    Interesting question.. Only 3? Man that's tough....

    Former Players:

    Jim Brown (how can you not pick him?)
    Joe Montana
    Lawrence Taylor

    Current Players:

    Arod (Brady is a better NFL QB right now, but Arod has not reached his full potential yet, so potential wins)
    Adrian Peterson
    Richard Sherman
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  8. DenverPackFan

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    For former players, I will assume that we're comparing them to their contemporaries. I would guess that many of the former greats would struggle in today's NFL even in their prime.

    Joe Montana - There may be more talented QB's but he's a champion.
    Don Hutson - Significantly better than any of his peers.
    Jim Brown - Again, the best by a large margin in his day.

    We may not have a defense but we'll put up some scores.

    Aaron Rodgers - he's the best right now and will be for a few years.
    J.J. Watt - best defensive player just coming into his prime
    Clay Matthews - Watt and Matthews would be great to build around.
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  9. Pugger

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    Physically I think Rodgers is better than Brady. Brady has a better resume.
  10. Packinatl

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    I think I was the only Non Rodgers pick. I looked at this as a long term thing for the most part. A guy who will get me 8-10 years. Exception was Sherman. Vet leadership.
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