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Discussion in 'The Warroom' started by Mark87, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Mark87

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    Who is this years Draft guru ???

    Give me round by round picks included your projected trades etc.... the player/position etc.

    3 Points player
    2 points round

    The poster with the most points will be the 2015 Draft guru !!!

    GO !
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  2. CaptainD

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    Truthfully throwing jello at the wall. Just going the standard draft on mine.

    R1. Eric Kendricks ILB UCLA
    R2. Alex Carter CB Stanford
    R3. Devin Funchess TE Michigan ( Ted finds his next Finley clone)
    R4. Lynden Trail DE/DT Norfolk State
    R5. David Cobb RB Minn
    R6A. Chris Dunkley CB USF
    R6B. Taiwan Jones ILB Mich State
    R6C. Darrian Miller OT UK
    R7. Dres Anderson WR Utah
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  3. packerbacker78

    packerbacker78 Member

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    No guru but I will join Capt and throw some Jell-o
    R1. Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest
    R2. Stephone Anthony ILB Clemson
    R3. Clive Walford TE U
    R4. David Johnson RB N.Iowa
    R5. Josh Shaw CB/S USC
    R6A. Marcus Hardison DT Arizona State
    R6B. Stefon Diggs WR Maryland
    R6C. Brandon Bridge QB South Alabama
    R7. Jamon Brown OT Louisville
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  4. DenverPackFan

    DenverPackFan Member

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    I can see this draft going so many different ways. If packerback78 wins, I'd be happy, though - that would be a great haul, like just about every player in that mock!

    Here is my Jell-o attempt:

    Round 1) Eric Kendricks, LB - UCLA
    Round 2) Quinten Rollins, CB - Miami (Ohio)
    Round 3) Marcus Hardison, DT - Arizona St.
    Round 4) David Johnson, RB - Northern Iowa
    Round 5) Taiwan Jones, LB - Michigan St. (trade-up 5th and 6th)
    Round 6 - comp) Tray Walker, CB - Texas Southern
    Round 6 - comp) Darren Waller, WR - Georgia Tech
    Round 7) Chris Bonner, QB - Colorado State-Pueblo
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  5. realitybytes

    realitybytes Member

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    hey dpf - you forgot one of the 6th round picks.
  6. Cheesedog

    Cheesedog Moderator

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    This is the spaghetti version, throw it all against the wall and see what sticks... I'm using the draft simulator as a guide, so if this is whacky blame them ;) The more and more I look at others mocks, and what everyone is saying, the less this draft excites me. Plus I wanted this to be a little out there.... There are always guys who fall or get over drafted, so some of these guys will seem out of position.

    Round 1: Trade w/New England and GB gets #32 and pick #64 (honestly I have no idea of trade values so if that's off it is what it is) in order to grab Green-Beckham ahead of SEA
    GB picks Jake Fischer OT as best value left
    Round 2a: Devin Funchess TE - ya this is high, but we need more TE production
    Round 2b: Denzel Perryman ILB - not ideal, but maybe with some work he could be a good thumper in the middle. I know people don't think he'll last this long but so what :)
    Round 3: Doran Grant CB
    Round 4: Craig Mager CB - not the highest skill but a solid player.
    Round 5: Darius Philon DT
    Round 6a: Anthony Harris S
    Round 6b: Max Valles OLB: project player, but if he can learn behind CMIII and Peppers he may turn into something
    Round 6c: Jacorey Shepherd CB: it's the late rounds they're all project players, but he seems to have instincts..
    Round 7: Bud Sasser WR: Ok, this is just cause I like the name...
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  7. DenverPackFan

    DenverPackFan Member

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    I used it to trade-up in the 5th round to get Taiwan Jones.
  8. realitybytes

    realitybytes Member

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    ah i missed that. sorry.
  9. DenverPackFan

    DenverPackFan Member

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    Probably poor strategy for this contest if I'm understanding the scoring correctly, LOL.
  10. titletown76

    titletown76 Member

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    Why not ? Wild guess on my part but I'll give it a try.

    R1.M. Peters CB
    R2. P.Dawson ILB
    R3. D. Funchess TE/WR
    R4. I. Ekpre-Olomu CB
    R5. D.Cobb RB
    R6A. R. Havenstein OT
    R6B. J. Crowder WR
    R6C. J.Mbu NT
    R7. R.Wilson ILB
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