Where will Tony Romo land in 2017?

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    A little "insider information" here. It comes directly from someone close to both Romo and the Cowboys organization. It's not conjecture, it's information based on leanings of Jerry Jones, and Romo, as well as the organizations involved.

    The #1 landing spot appears to be Denver. Romo would accept a trade to Denver. If he's cut by the Cowboys, they Broncos will have the upper hand in getting him into the fold. He would like the opportunity to play with an Elway designed team, and Elway believes Romo still has what it takes to bring them to another Super Bowl.

    #2 is the Kansas City Chiefs. He's interested in them as well - so he says. They're interested in him as well. The playoff between KC and Denver makes for a potential bidding war, as both would be concerned that the other could get the upper hand by getting him a larger paycheck if he ends up a free agent.

    #3 - The Texans. Osweiler isn't cutting it. But, in all honesty, he doesn't seem too interested in staying "in state." It wouldn't be a good fit as far as he's concerned.

    #4 - Arizona Cardinals - It's all talk. Carson Palmer is not hanging it up yet, and Romo won't sit for a year hoping he does. If Palmer does retire, before anything is done to getting Romo traded, he would strongly consider this as his #3 option.

    #5 - If all else fails, don't be overly surprised if Romo - as a free agent - entertains a huge contract with front money from the Bears. He says no publicly, but he's expressed interest in being close to his family and old friends in South East Wisconsin. But, it would take big bucks to get him to move away from accepting a trade, or free agent contract, from anyone who hasn't got an honest shot at making it to the Super Bowl, with him at QB.

    I can't even give you a hint on my sources on this one. It would cost him dearly, and he knows so damned much it's insane.
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