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    New to the board, at some point I will figure out how to embed YouTube clips of players.
    Always try to keep the selections real and realistic. It is through the process of creating and reading other mocks that I am able to mentally set a rough board. I only have access to the internet, do not do detailed tape review. So if you want to read my thoughts and my perceived team needs and strength of draft position verse players that should reasonable be available, please read on and leave comments.
    I like to do a early mock, one after the combine and one before the draft.

    14 EDGE HAROLD LANDRY BOSTON COLLEGE 6021 at 250 (4.7/40)
    I did not think HL would last until we picked at 14, but with many QB needy teams, I do believe there is a chance he will be at 14. plans on playing in the senior bowl, but in coming off ankle injury.

    45 WR JAMES WASHINGTON OKLAHOMA STATE 5115 at 205 (4.45)

    OK my boss went to OSU so I get an occasional ear full about OSU players, and this might have swayed me to make this selection. I also think it is great value partially for this year but definitely for next.

    76 TE MARK ANDREWS OKLAHOMA 6042 at 254 (4.77)

    I believe that last years class of TE was so good that teams are already loaded up in this area they will focus on other positions and this will cause the TE to slide a bit.

    102 CB ISAIAH OLIVER COLORADO 6002 at 195 (4.56)

    All PAC 12 first teamer, leaving a year early.

    116 TE IAN THOMAS INDIANA 6041 at 248 (4.67)

    Good hand catcher, and after watching his interviews very nice person the kind of individual you would like to have as a neighbor, packer people.

    152 RB MYLES GASKIN WASHINGTON 5091 at 191 (4.5)

    All PAC 12 second team, has very good vision and has a knack of getting into the end zone.

    173 OT ZACHARY CRABTREE OKLAHOMA STATE 6062 at 310 (slightly faster then molasses in January) 5.26
    Big 12 Honorable mention,

    175 CB GREG STROMAN VIRGINIA TECH 5116 at 181 (4.5)
    ACC First team, great value good hands.

    177 EDGE MARQUIS HAYNES MISSISSIPPI 6021 at 230 (4.63)
    All SEC second team, somebody who does everything well, just lacking in the weight height speed numbers.

    190 QB RILEY FERGUSON MEMPHIS 6026 at 210 (4.84)
    Conference First team, RF will be a constant in all my drafts, on the team 53, forcing the pack to keep 3QB this year and will make it easy to let BH walk after next year.

    233 S TREY MARSHALL FLORIDA STATE 5116 at 210 (4.57)
    Plays with an attitude, that attitude might land you a penalty, but he will hit unlike some jokers.

    240 OT DAVID BRIGHT STANFORD 6045 at 299 (5.23)
    PAC 12 Second team.
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    When Mark upgraded to this software package, I couldn't believe how easy it is! All you have to do is find the youtube you want to share, copy the URL, and paste it in your post. It automatically shows up.

    First guy on your mock: Harold Landry

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    Thank You
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    I like it ! Welcome aboard UWSP 88 !
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    Great group. I love double dipping the te to get this group functional for the future.

    Oliver is rising and will ptob be gone. Hes a nice fit though. Good size and physical
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    Nice mock ! Welcome UWSP 88 !

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