Tyler Herro Decommits From Wisconsin

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    Four-star shooting guard Tyler Herro shocked the college basketball nation by decommiting from the University of Wisconsin just a month before National Signing Day. 247 Sports has him ranked as the 40th best player in the country, and the 2nd best out of Wisconsin. To the outside world, there was no indication this was coming. Even as late as October 2nd, he took to Twitter to try to persuade 2020...


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    I wonder why. I certainly don't blame this on Greg Gard or the U. I wonder if he's been talking only playing for a year or two, then going pro. If that's the case, the Badgers may have even suggested he reopen his options. Marquette and a raft of schools like Kentucky really cater to these one and done guys, and I think it's totally wrong.
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    If you look at the statement he released, he pretty much says it all in the 2nd paragraph, without really coming out and saying it. He talks about how his game has grown in the past year. In other words, I've suddenly become a hot item and handlers, coaches, etc. are telling me I could go to the NBA in a year or two and UW is not the kind of program for a player like me.

    He's partly right. Other coaches and programs don't value the same things and so will let a guy who's maybe not yet a complete player get lots of minutes based purely on his ability to score. They allow him to showcase himself for the scouts. At UW, not so much.

    The 2018 class is now a total washout - nothing. Hopefully Gard can find a kid or two, but at the moment, things don't look too good.

    Hey, I got the decade right this time!!
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