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Discussion in 'The Warroom' started by eyecatcher, Feb 20, 2017.

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    TJ's stats last year were as good or better than JJ's stats his last year at Wisconsin. I'd have no problem with him getting drafted in the 1st round by Green Bay. He definitely has earned first round consideration.

    Compare TJ's combine numbers to CMIII. TJ is a few lbs heavier, an inch taller, ran nearly the same 40 time, benched 2 less reps than clay and was a top performer in 5 of 7 categories. He has all the tangibles and the heart you want out of a pass rusher.

    TJ Watt Combine

    CMIII Combine
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    Boy, when you line them up next to each other - TJ looks better. More experience than Clay. Didn't realize what a gamble TT took on CMIII. When you compare Watt to others, he seems a little safer because you KNOW he has the work ethic to keep improving and his instincts are off the chart. Could understand the reasoning taking him in Round 1, especially if Humphrey and Conley are already gone. Looking at CBs Awuzie or King in round 2.
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    my gut tells me this guy is going to be a difference maker worthy of a first round pick. and it has nothing to do with his name. he only played the position for one season really, and was still a top-notch player. he's a late bloomer in the same vein as cmiii. as eyecatcher pointed out, the measurables are all there. and as dubz41 and terranimal said, the intangibles are also apparent. there's no way on earth that this guy is still available at our second pick. we could move up in the second round, or maybe move down a few picks and get an extra player. but i would be okay with taking him at 29. the only thing i worry about at all is his durability. he missed all of 2014 with a right knee injury, and then tore up his left knee in spring practice in 2015.
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