Silverstein: Packers right to keep Aaron Rodgers out of roster decisions

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Cheesedog, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Cheesedog

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    Silverstein: Packers right to keep Aaron Rodgers out of roster decisions

  2. rpiotr01

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    Aaron is a great QB and I hope he's around in GB and performs well for years to come, but he continues to prove over and over again that sometimes he is a very, very small man.
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  3. Budman

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    Interesting how he relates it to Favres final few years in GB. Rodgers has achieved a god like status in GB. For all those who think that Favre was arrogant and young Rodgers was more grounded, I think we'll continue to see AR prove he's on the same trajectory as Favre.
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  4. TW

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    I think it comes with the territory. Aging players have a tendency to be more protective of their egos and legacy, by being a little more outspoken on opinions, intending on a little "low level" intimidation of those who make decisions.

    They're also very protective of those they've brought into their own personal life - inner circle.
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  5. realitybytes

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    i don't think aaron rodgers should be making personnel decisions for the team. that's not his job description. but, a good ceo (or general manager) knows who his key personnel are and keeps open lines of communication with them. he values their opinions and lets them know that he values their opinions. he doesn't have to agree, and he doesn't have to do what they wish. but i can tell you from experience that things run much more smoothly when there are open lines of communication and mutual respect.

    rodgers has been around the nfl long enough to know a few things about the game and the players. his opinions would be valid and may even be useful. do you believe that gutekunst (or any gm) makes all their decisions in a vacuum? nobody could be that naive. they bounce ideas off other people. they solicit opinions. they give consideration to various resources. why wouldn't your most valuable employee be one of those resources?
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