Post Game: Packers Defeat Seahawks 17-9

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Sep 10, 2017.

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    Definitely! He mentioned it during his press conference. He said he really appreciated it and mentioned a couple of other times that the players have done similar things. Mentioned that he and Bennett have become very good friends, and that he liked Marty's well reasoned and researched opinions that didn't come off a twitter feed (or something like that).

    I'm just thrilled we won! I hate that team with the fire of a thousand suns. :D
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    Just gotta say I predicted the score at 17-10 Pack. I was close.
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    I got the impression that Aaron was changing the play at the LOS. It's a little frustrating when he continues to look for the big play first. There is nothing wrong with dinking and dunking if it leads to a TD.
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    Something I've said for years. When the running game isn't working, use the short passes to the inside, to force linebackers off the line of scrimmage. The Packers started doing that, and it opened up the runs, and the longer passing game. It's amazing how McCarthy doesn't go to it to start games, with the knowledge of what it will do. Our opponents always play up on us, tackle to tackle, and there is so much open real estate for the in routes that it's amazing.

    It should also be one of the options Rodgers has at the line of scrimmage, as a play change, to insure defenses lay back to cover the middle.

    Let's hope McCarthy understands this, and builds a game plan accordingly. The Falcons are going to be super tough in their new home.
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    That part has always been a question for me. Is it MM who refuses to call for more short stuff when it's there or is it AR that passes on the short routes and looks for the big play?

    There were a couple of times on Sunday where I was screaming at the TV to "throw the damn ball", because even in the limited view on the screen I could see a guy running underneath that was open for the easy 5-10 yard gain. Because of that, I sometimes think this is more an AR issue than an MM issue as there are always multiple options on every pass play. Maybe it's just AR who wants the big play more than MM.
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    Interesting question? Is it more Rodgers than McCarthy? I tend to believe it's on McCarthy.

    One of the things I see is our wide outs being so far outside that they can't make an effective in route. If they do, the ball is thrown to a wide open flat area, and more prone to a pick six. Therefore, the options are often deeper routes on a cross, to gain separation from the front seven. Then again, we have seen Rodgers preferring the long game.
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    Excellent points 57 and TW. It seems we have been debating this for years now and it would be interesting to know for sure. As with anything, it very well could be a combination, but it damn near needs to be dire consequences before they try the underneath routes.
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