Post Game: Packers Defeat Redskins 21-17

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packer Football' started by Mark87, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. realitybytes

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    so here's what i liked about this game:
    • aaron rodgers played the first series, and he looks like he's ready to go. almost midseason form.
    • jeff janis had another very good game. no tds, but he had the most receiving yards of anyone from either team.
    • geronimo allison finally looked like the guy we saw last year.
    • aaron jones had a good game, averaging 4.7 yards per carry and catching all four passes thrown his way (including a td).
    • statistically, hundley had the best numbers of any qb in the game. spent a little too much time on the ground though. but he had one very good 73-yard td drive.
    • taysom hill had the second-lowest qb rating of either team, but he looked a lot better than the numbers indicate.
    • the starting defense held the redskins starters in check. would have been scoreless if not for davis' muff on the punt.
    • and the defense closed out the game well, holding onto the victory.
    • the offense did not turn the ball over.
    • justin vogel looks to be the real deal.

    here's what i didn't like:
    • we have no running game - despite the fact that we ran the ball 29 times.
    • our o-line starters better stay healthy, because our backups are not good.
    • trevor davis is the definition of extreme inconsistency.
    • injuries.
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  2. Jaymo

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    Finally got to watch the game this morning on NFL Network.

    Josh Hawkins made some good plays, but he also got picked on and beat a lot. If he is our 4th, 5th, or 6th Corner, fine, but he needs to improve more to not be a weakness. We've got a LOT of fairly decent Corners, several of whom won't even make the team. What we really need is for somebody - Kevin King - to stand out from the crowd. I'd say the jury is still out on that. He too looked good at times but gave up some completions to some pretty average receivers.

    Others I thought looked surprisingly good: Price and maybe Ringo in the D Line, Fackerell and Elliot (he's not a surprise for me) at OLB, Evans again at Safety, Donatello Brown at Corner, Taysom Hill (but he didn't seem as good on film as he looked just on the stat sheet), Aaron Jones, Geronimo Allison - quicker than I remembered him, that's about it.

    Minor disappointments: Callahan, maybe Jamal Williams although he didn't get any blocking, the first and maybe second string O Lines, Yancey - after a good game last week, Trevor Davis - I see McCaffrey's only chance to make the team displacing Davis, and he's making progress toward doing that, Martellis Bennet - one good catch, one drop, Kendrick - are they not targeting him? Or is he just not getting open? That's all I can think of.

    A lot more to be happy with than not.
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  3. realitybytes

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    he looked good in the stats - 3 tackles + 2 assists, and three passes defended. but yeah, that doesn't tell you how many times he got beat.
  4. ChampionshipBelt

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    Hawkins is average. He is a good 4th CB but nothing else.

    Bennett will be fine. First pass of the game he dropped but after that looked fine.

    IMO, WR's that make the team and why:

    Nelson, Adams, and Cobb- All a lock; however, I would like to see the Packers shop Cobb and get a pick for him..

    Janis- He has made plays again in the preseason. He looks a little more refined this preseason. Nobody is good enough to unseat him at this point.

    Allison- Like Janis, he has made some plays; especially last night. Nobody is good enough to unseat him and his length does help him.

    McCaffrey- He runs good routes and has good hands. I think AR likes him. We can keep 7 WR's and there is nobody good enough to keep above him.

    Davis- I think we keep him just because of his punt return ability. He is the fastest on the team but is inconsistent.

    Wild Card- Michael Clark- I really like this kid but I see last game he did not play a ton. I am wondering if they may be hiding him to stash him on the practice squad. This kid is 6-6 217 and has not hit his ceiling. We will see.

    I think we stash Dupre and Yancey on the practice squad.
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  5. TW

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    I agree with ChampionshipBelt on the # of WRs. When you end up finding yourself weak at the position, due to injuries - and it happens too often to the Packers - you keep a larger nucleus and guys stashed, if possible, on the practice squad.

    The Packers won't be a running team, so the receivers are going to be essential in keeping this team firing on all cylinders.
  6. Backthepack4ever

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    Wow talk about some doom and gloom on this site. If u didnt see the game it sounds lile we got blown out of dc

    The skins kept their 1s in the whole 1st half and the packers 2nd string hung with them and even outplayed them at times. That's a good thing. I would love to have all pro back ups.... So would every other team in the league.

    I dont base the upcoming season off a vanilla schemed ps game

    Rodgers and the ones had an impressive drive that ended in 6. They made it look easy. I mean easy!!

    I agree the running blocking was bad and we could get a push. Losing Lang and trwtter hurt our depth but I can see this group getting it together. They wont be dominant in run blocking but we will expoit teams when they want to stop the pass. This offense is going to score

    On d I think our dl is going to be awesome. Hopefully lowery is ok but up front we have some talent.

    The same can be said at safety. We have 5 that can play. Deepest team in the league here.

    There will be some growing pains at cb, but I'm most worried about pass rush. Outside of Perry and the China doll clay we are lacking. Elliot flashes but I have no faith in fack.
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